Wow! What A Way To Start Your Day!

Posted by on December 29, 2013

This morning as Michael prepared breakfast he found another little green tree frog on the kitchen counter.  As the little guy hopped around Michael tried to capture him to let him outside.  Michael finally got a hold of him but before he got two steps toward the door the dude made a ‘jump’ for it and Michael couldn’t find him!  (Memories of another frog escapade!)  We figured we’d find him when we got to Texas….NOT!  As I was typing this paragraph, 2 sentences in…the little bugger jumped onto my leg!!  I’m sure if we had neighbors nearby they could hear me screaming!  Yikes!  Talk about Michael taking forever to get the thing and whisk it outside!  Talk about gettin’ your motor runnin’!  PS…no pictures due to extreme freakedoutness!

A place for everything, everything in its place. Benjamin Franklin

A place for everything, everything in its place.
Benjamin Franklin

It rained from about 6:00 am to 9:30 am but when it stopped Michael was able to get out to the shed to start packing up.  He’d completely emptied the basement into the shed and used it as his ‘office’ while we’ve been here.  Once he had everything back in the Rubbermaid totes he stowed all 20 of them back in the basement where they fit perfectly.

The day ended up turning out beautiful…mids 70s, sunny…couldn’t really ask for a better day.

Preventive's a GOOD thing!

Preventive maintenance…it’s a GOOD thing!

Michael worked on his ‘move chores’ as well.  He took down, cleaned and stowed the satellite dish, dumped the black & gray tanks, flushed the black tank and dumped the fresh water tank and refilled it with fresh water.  Checking each tires air pressure on the coach and truck and filling if necessary was also on the agenda.  While he was messing with the tires he made sure to check and replace batteries on the TPMS modules on each tire too.

I didn’t have a whole lot to do today as I’ve been stowing things here and there for the past couple of weeks.  But I got done what I needed to do toward packing up, easily enough.  I washed a couple of small loads of laundry as we won’t have any water hook ups until we hit the FamCamp at Corpus Christi NAS on Friday.  I also did some food prep:  cut up and sliced a cantaloupe for breakfasts while on the road, hard-boiled some eggs for breakfast one morning & to add to tuna salad for sandwiches for a lunch while on the road.

Snack basket....CHECK!

Snack basket….CHECK!

We’re snackers when it comes to traveling so we always have a basket of snacks to nibble on.  The basket normally contains things like licorice, sunflower seeds, beef jerky, pretzels, peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks, hard candy etc.  It’s all neatly stored in a handmade Amish basket I bought several years ago and place within easy reach.  The basket is now laden with goodies and placed in the truck for the road ahead!

I made us a nice dinner of Honey Soy Chicken over rice with steamed broccoli.  Our last meal here in the Osceola National Forest.  Kinda bittersweet.  We absolutely LOVE the campground and if we’re ever in the area we’ll certainly come back.  I enjoyed my first workamping gig and if I can find something similar I would do it again.

Brand new ???

Brand new ???

Tomorrow morning we are due at Camping World in Lake City at 8:00 am to have the EZ-Flex suspension system replaced on the coach.  We already have the part in hand, just need to have them remove the old and install the new.  Hoping it doesn’t take too long and we can be on our way.  The ‘plan’ is to get as far as Tallahassee (just 115 miles or so) and spend the night at the Camping World.  Check back tomorrow to see if the ‘plan’ played out as we hoped!



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