Fillin’ Up, Washin’ Up and Cleanin’ Up

Posted by on December 28, 2013

Only 2 more nights here at Ocean Pond Campground and we’ll be heading west.

Leslie giving me the stink eye!

Leslie giving me the stink eye!

We always do a little cleaning before we hit the road but since we’ve been here for 3 months we’ve done a little more than we normally would.

On Friday we had some errands to do in Lake City.  We stopped at the ranger station first as we were still expecting Michael’s medicine and a card from our son, Zack.  Unfortunately, neither item was there so Leslie, the receptionist said she’d be on the look out and let us know when they show up.  While we were there I also turned our keys over to Leslie and she’ll be sure to get them to Debra on Monday.

Filling up the auxillary fuel tank

Filling up the auxiliary fuel tank

We filled the truck up with diesel, paying $3.96 per gallon.  We haven’t filled up both tanks since September when we were headed south and the $250.00 it took to fill both tanks packs quite the punch!  Thankfully, that should get us at least 600 miles down the road before we’ll need to fill up again.

Before heading over to Walmart to pick up groceries to last us until we get to the commissary in Corpus Christi we stopped at Red Lobster for lunch.  We have several gift cards for Red Lobster and have heard rumors that Red Lobster & Olive Garden may close some (all?) of their stores and decided we didn’t want to get stuck with the cards.  We both chose to ‘build our own lunch’.  We both chose the crispy fried fish but for our 2nd choice I went with breaded shrimp and Michael decided on shrimp scampi.  We were both very pleased with our choices and enjoyed our lunches very much.

Making the coach sparkling clean!

Making the coach sparkling clean!

When we got home I put the groceries away while Michael finished washing the coach.  All he had left to wash was the door side of the coach from the door forward so it didn’t take long and he was done.

Giving the truck a good ol' once over as it needed it badly!

Giving the truck a good ol’ once over as it needed it badly!

Today Michael washed the outside of the truck while I cleaned the inside of the truck.  Michael had quite the job dealing with pine sap that had fallen on the truck…but he got ‘er done!  At one point he pointed out how you could see a huge difference between where the truck had been washed vs. where it hadn’t been washed.  With a white truck it is really hard to tell how dirty it really gets.

I also defrosted the freezer, vacuumed/swept and mopped the floors.  I put a pot of potato soup on to simmer while we worked so that when dinner time came all we had to do was fill our bowls and enjoy!





4 Responses to Fillin’ Up, Washin’ Up and Cleanin’ Up

  1. Donna Boudot Rogers

    We are in Corpus Christi right now. Leaving on Monday for Mission. We keep missing each other. Travel safely.

    • Kelly

      Donna – I read your blog post yesterday and noticed you were in Corpus Christi….hoped you were staying a while longer and we’d actually get to see each other! Hopefully soon our paths will cross! Enjoy your time in Mission!

  2. Samantha Bandstra

    Sounds like you are ready to roll! Be safe and keep writing so we can keep up with you two!

    • Kelly

      Almost but not quite ready…by the end of today we’ll be all set and ready to pull out early! You two enjoy….we’ll see you down the road!

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