Rollin’ With The Punches…

Posted by on December 17, 2013

Time to divulge our secret…

We’d been made aware of an Assistant Park Manager position in the Orlando area by friends of ours and thought that we had a pretty good chance of being hired.  It would have been a 1-year commitment, averaging about 18 hours per week for each of us, a full-hook up site plus pay.  The big plus was that we’d be sitting for 1 year, which would be a good start to getting Michael’s VA benefits established.

Unfortunately, we found out this morning that the Board of Directors chose to go with the ‘other couple’, who I believe are current owners at the park.  I didn’t ask why they chose them over us as I was too stunned but I’m assuming it was because of their owner status.

We are disappointed but left it in God’s hands and know that he must have other things in store for us.  Thank you to all of you that sent prayers our way, crossed fingers and sent good ju-ju our way…it’s MOST appreciated.

So we are back to our original plan….we leave for Texas in T-14 days!

9 Responses to Rollin’ With The Punches…

  1. Donna Boudot Rogers

    I looked at the websites of both parks. I didn’t quite understand the concept. If you ” own” your lot, why do you have to leave for a week after being there two weeks? I know TT and others have those rules because you have to give others opportunity to use the parks. Sorry you were disapoointed. They obviously have no idea what an organized person you are and how handy Michael is. I think they goofed!

    • Kelly

      Donna – you’re a sweetheart! Thank you so much for always have such kind things to say.

  2. samantha

    So sorry to hear ….. will pray for you both, call us if you want to talk… ya both, Sam

  3. Sally

    Welllllllllllll………when one door closes ….another opens……sorry u didn’t get the job…..but glad your heading to Texas…..we may see you all soon in the new year!

  4. Dave

    I hope that you find a position similar to this in a place like, let’s say, San Diego, where the weather is nicer all year round. One never knows what the almighty has in store for them. Good luck. –Dave (

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