Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Posted by on November 27, 2013

Tuesday was a soggy day….it started raining before I left for the Rangers Station and continued until after I arrived.  It stopped raining for a good portion of the afternoon but then started again in the early evening and continued for several hours after we went to bed.

Wednesday brought drier conditions but wind and cooler temps.  Only reaching a high in the mid 50s and expecting a low tonight of near 30.  Brrrr…you can be sure that the heat pumps and fireplace were hard at work.  I’m actually enjoying the ‘cold snap’…love being able to bundle up a little bit!

Leslie, the receptionist at the station, is off until next week so everyone is pitching in to cover the front desk while she is out.  I spent my entire day at the desk on Tuesday and Wednesday and just worked on my current projects while there.  I had several hunters/campers come in looking for ATV maps of the forest and received a couple of phone calls regarding the campground, hunting and obtaining wood permits.

The USDA sent out an email to everyone letting thanking them for their service and telling them that in appreciation they were allowed to go home 4 hours early on Wednesday!  Very nice…for me it meant that I was able to close up the reception area/office and leave 2 hours early!  Woohoo!

While I was at the office today Michael took a ride into Lake City to pick up a few items we needed for our dishes to share at our Thanksgiving gathering tomorrow.  He got back just in time to take me back home!

Cheeseburger Sammies - had to eat 'em with a knife and fork

Cheeseburger Sammies – had to eat ’em with a knife and fork

We worked together to put together our holiday family tradition…Barnett Fruit Salad.  This is a dish that came from Michael’s grandparents and something we have continued to make each holiday since we’ve been married and now the boys and their families are continuing on that tradition.  I love handed down traditions.  Tomorrow morning I’ll make some banana pudding and then we’ll head over to Sandy & Stan’s for our Thanksgiving feast.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday I tried out new recipes in the crock pot.  The first day was Chicken Tacos, they were super-duper easy and turned out surprisingly good!  We had enough left over to freeze for another easy peasy meal in the future!  Wednesday brought Cheeseburger Sammies which were similar to a Sloppy Joe type sandwich just cheesy instead of tomato saucy.  It was pretty good but in our opinion too loose for a sandwich so when we have this again (it made enough for another meal) we’ll serve it over tortilla chips and have it as a meal of nachos.


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