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Posted by on November 25, 2013

The days are flying by…Hard to believe but we only have 37 days until we are On the Road Again!

Thursday 11/21

Check out that bright white!!

Check out that bright white!!

I worked at the Ranger Station and was, thankfully, given a few new projects to work on to help keep me busy.  I also worked on the Library shelf project again…just a little bit here and there and it will be completed.

The fixed awning.  You can see a little flaw by the track - Michael wants to get some duct tape or something to cover that.

The fixed awning. You can see a little flaw by the track – Michael wants to get some duct tape or something to cover that.

While I was at work Michael started working on cleaning the slide awnings.  Got one done but then ran out of his ‘special’ wipes that he found at the Dollar Store before he could clean any further.  The top of the awning looks awesome…nice and bright white!

Michael also fixed one of our slide awnings that had partially come out of its track and was flapping in the wind.  It had been flapping since before we left Montgomery!  Nobody could ever say that Michael was ‘Johnny on the Spot’…but eventually most things get taken care of…in due time.  🙂

Friday 11/22

Friday was my day to work at the Gate House and welcome any new campers, visitors or current campers.  Michael doesn’t like me up there past dark as it gets really dark out here so I’ve changed my hours from 2:30 – 7:00 to 1:30 – 6:00 and it that seems to be a good time frame.  I was busier than I’d been in the past with about 6 new arrivals, several visitors and plenty of current campers coming back from wherever they’d been.  In between cars I worked on my current loom knitting project (which I finished on Sunday).

While I was at the Gate House Michael used one of the parks leaf blowers to rid our patio and driveway of the plethora of pine needles and leaves that have fallen.  It seems to be an almost endless job as by morning we were already starting to accumulate a bunch of needles and leaves again!

I’d put the fixin’s for Macaroni & Cheese in the crock pot before I left for work and Michael turned it on about 1/2 way through my shift as it doesn’t take long to cook.  Turned out great!  Smooth & creamy…just the way macaroni & cheese should be!

Saturday 11/23

We spent the morning leisurely catching up on a few TV shows, email, Facebook, etc while the afternoon was spent running errands.

Before beginning our errands we stopped at KFC and enjoyed the all you can eat buffet for $6.49….can’t beat that price!  Not all stores offer the buffet….but if they do…go for it!

Brandy, the stylist, me & my ponytail!

Brandy, the stylist, me & my ponytail!

The first errand was for me to get my hair cut.  I started growing my hair out when Michael went to Iraq in 2006…and other than a few trims here and there it hasn’t been touched much since.  I’d decided a while back that I really wanted to donated to Locks of Love…a program that uses human hair to create hairpieces for anyone under 21 that is suffering from a long-term medical hair loss.

I ended up getting about 12 inches (minimum is 10 inches) cut off…a little more than I had wanted…but, oh well, it’ll grow.  I am so excited to do this for such a great cause.  I just have to wait for the ponytail that was cut off to completely dry before I can mail it in.  If you have any concept of how thick my hair is you will understand that it being in a ponytail wet could be a LONG time before it is 100% dry!  LOL

Michael’s mouth dropped open a bit when he first saw how much had been cut off…but he soon recovered!  LOL  He’d been running errands to the Dollar Store & Walgreen’s while I was getting the cut done so he wasn’t there to see the entire process…but he knew what I had planned.

We did our weekly shopping at Walmart before heading to the 5:00 pm mass at Epiphany.  The highlight of mass??  We sang one of our favorite hymns…’Soon & Very Soon’.  Unfortunately, the sang it to a different beat than we’re used to…but…oh well!  And now with holiday season almost upon us all the wonderful Christmas hymns are just around the corner!

Sunday 11/24

A nice, quiet day.  I spent the majority of the day watching TV shows & movies from the DVR.  Michael watched most of the TV shows with me but then moved outside to ‘putz’.  He started a fire and did a few odd jobs.  I also did a couple of loads of laundry. Dinner was an early affair of leftovers!

Monday 11/25

I worked at the Ranger Station updating some spreadsheets that I created last week, finding homes for some ‘junk’ that was in a pile next to my desk and I also relieved the receptionist for a few minutes while she ran down the road to get some lunch.  No one could ever claim that this workamping gig was hard, that’s for sure!

Michael’s day consisted of housework and watching the underside of the 5th wheel overhang.  It only got to about 65 today so he had a fire going outside to enjoy while he worked too!


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