Workin’, Prescriptions & BBQ

Posted by on November 16, 2013

Another week is almost in the books.  I worked at the Ranger Station Tuesday thru Thursday….creating Excel files and typing up an inventory of the various recreation sheds here in the Osceola that had been done by another volunteer back in May.  That’s the kind of work I enjoy so it goes quickly and is painless.

There is no ‘push’ to get things done at all…it’s almost too laid back for me…but I’m learning.  I also don’t have anyone hovering over me at all.  I’m left to do my thing…and when I mean left…I mean left…my supervisor has a large area to cover so she leaves the office often and most of the time I don’t even know it!

Tuesday evening we had soup and grilled cheese for dinner – it was perfect for the chilly weather rolling in!  Temps dipped down to 42 that night and then we only had a high of 56 on Wednesday!  We kept the fireplace going all day…which is very unusual!

Michael's first crock pot meal was a success!

Michael’s first crock pot meal was a success!

While I was working on Wednesday Michael made his very first crock pot meal!  It’s a recipe I found on Facebook and it turned out great!  From now on Michael will be in charge of making Cheesy Beefy Tater Casserole!  It made quite a lot so we enjoyed it for lunch on Thursday and we still have one serving left!

On Wednesday, I helped the receptionist count the fee envelopes.  The fee envelopes are picked up once a week and taken back to the ranger station where they’re counted.  Of all of the rec sites in the Osceola only 3 charge fees…the Olustee Beach is a $3.00 day use facility, Hog Pen Landing is a $4.00 campground with no amenities and then of course, our campground, Ocean Pond.

My little area of the ranger station

My little area of the ranger station

I also got a new work computer on Wednesday!  Now I can sit in my little corner and not have to use someone’s computer and hope that they’re not going to come in and need to use it!

Thursday night the temp dipped down to 39…making for some good sleeping/cuddling weather!  We woke to rain Friday morning and it sputtered pretty much all day.

We had doctor’s appointments in Lake City on Friday morning…nothing exciting…just needed to get our prescriptions filled for another year.  We arrived about 15 minutes before our appointed time so that we could fill out the necessary paperwork.  However, there was NO need to arrive so early since we didn’t even get called back for vitals until 12:00 pm (our appointments were at 11:00 and 11:30) and didn’t see the doctor until 1:00 pm!

Needed to get blood work done too!

Needed to get blood work done too!

The doctor had a very strong French accent and was hard to understand….and he liked to talk!  After a couple of questions I learned not to ask anymore questions as his answers seemed to go on for ever!  After 3 hours we had what we’d come for…new prescriptions…although we’re not sure we got the years worth that we’d wanted.  They were automatically sent to Express Scripts so as soon as that system is updated we’ll be able to see how many refills we were given.

On a side note we were very happy that both of our blood pressures were really really good!  I’m thinking it’s because our lifestyle agrees with us!

Beef platter

Beef platter

By the time we were finished with the doctor we were hungry!  We headed over to Ken’s BBQ (one of three locations in Lake City).   I ordered the rib special while Michael ordered the beef plate.  He was happy with his meal and I was just ok with mine.  I normally don’t put any bbq sauce on my ribs as I enjoy the flavor of the rub/meat/smoke.  The ribs just didn’t have much flavor in my opinion but the addition of the sauce helped a lot!  Can’t wait to get back to Texas to enjoy some really GOOD BBQ and Mexican food!

Rib platter

Rib platter

Before heading back to the campground we stopped at Publix to pick up this weeks groceries.  Since we did a large grocery shopping last week at the commissary in Jacksonville all we needed was some fresh fruits, veggies, milk, eggs….that kind of thing.

We got back home about 4:30 and I headed straight to the gatehouse.  I was only there for about 2 1/2 hours and only had 1 car come through that wanted to check the campground out and 2 vehicles with current campers.  Thankfully, I had my knitting with me!

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing….we watched one of my all time favorite movies, Tremors, and enjoyed some yummy popcorn!






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    I got myself a plan!!!

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    Mexican here in the Orlando area leaves a lot to be desired.

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