A Visit From Kermit…

Posted by on November 8, 2013
Froggy - before he took his leap of faith!

Froggy – before he took his leap of faith!

Michael found a little bitty tree frog hiding out in the shower this morning.  When he was taking him to the door to let him outside the little guy decided he liked it inside rather than outside and took a leap.  We’ve looked high and low, called his name (Froggy/Kermit) but didn’t see hide nor hair of him. About 7:30 as I was cleaning up after dinner ‘Froggy’ jumped in front of me and Michael captured him and took him outside and introduced him to another Froggy that he’d found early in the day….maybe we’ll have baby Froggy’s!

One of our 2 camp hosts had a death in the family and have been gone for almost 2 weeks so the other couple left here has been doing all the camp host duties.  We’ve kept telling them to let Michael know what they need to help with and they’ve poo-poo’ed us.  Well with tomorrow being the opening day of hunting season the park is starting to get busy so we’ve finally convinced them that we will help with the electric area and they can continue with the other part of the park.

Michael & Stan tooling around the park

Michael & Stan tooling around the park

Michael met with Stan this morning to go over what needs to be done in the bathrooms & showers and will take care of that until the other couple gets back (Monday morning at the latest we’re told).  He’ll also take a few rides through the park to ensure everything is running smoothly and answer any questions campers might have.

I worked at the Gate House from 3:00 – 7:00 and took my usual spin around the campground before going to the Gate House…I should actually say Michael took me on a spin around the park.  It was interesting to see how full the park is getting…the fullest we’ve seen it since we got here.  We only had 19 sites available out of the 67 sites in the park when we took that spin around the park.  By the time I was done with my shift we’d had 4 more campers arrive leaving just 15 sites open.  It’ll be interesting to see if we have more arrivals tomorrow!

This little bitty thing is so intriguing I had to take a picture

This little bitty thing is so intriguing I had to take a picture

When we took that spin we stopped at each of the bathroom to make sure they were still in good shape and stocked with paper towels and toilet paper.  We also stopped and chatted with several campers who had questions about the park, hunting/atving among other things.  We both really enjoy the opportunity to socialize with the campers here.  They’re all SO friendly.

It was pretty chilly toward the end of my shift at the Gate House – dipping down to about 56 before it was time to head home.  Thankfully, Michael had the fireplace on and dinner ready to eat when I got home!



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