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Posted by on November 7, 2013
A nice little plus to this workamping gig.

A nice little plus to this workamping gig.

Sunday was a nice day.  We didn’t do much but the weather was on the cooler side which encouraged us to get out and take a couple of spins around the park.  We stopped and chatted with Stan & Sandy a couple of times and Stan introduced us to their friend, John, who is here to scout for the upcoming gun season.  (Starts Saturday)  We also stopped and chatted with full-timers Chuck and Mary who are here for 3 weeks…nice couple.

Michael chopped some more wood although he still has quite a bit left.  I did some laundry and worked on my current knitting project.  Michael washed his tennis shoes…we have access to the parks washer & dryer at no charge so that was nice.

I made some comfort food for dinner – ribs & sauerkraut…oh…my…heavenly!  Michael’s not a fan of sauerkraut but he can deal with the ribs & potatoes.

We ended the day by finishing watching The Godfather…we’d started watching it previously but weren’t able to complete watching the 4 hour movie.  Now we have The Godfather Part II to watch!

Monday was a work day at the Ranger Station although I didn’t get much done.  Debra tried getting my computer running with no luck at all…so I will just continue to use Kenny’s (the rec tech) computer as he’s not actually in the office very often.

Hard at work cleaning the was filthy!

Hard at work cleaning the awning…it was filthy!

The camp hosts from the Olustee Beach stopped in at the office and we had a nice chat.  Cecil is Creek Indian and was a wealth of information.  His great great great uncle was Osceola, who this forest is named for and he told me stories about his grandmothers (Osceola’s sisters) and where they’re buried.  Wow!  Very interesting stuff!

When I got home Michael was cleaning the awning (which was in dire need).  He found some pads at the Dollar Store that work great and you can really tell!  The awning looks absolutely awesome!

We grilled some of Bob’s Italian Burgers for dinner…so yummy!  Thanks again to our friends Bob & Barb!  After dinner clean up we did the usual…relaxed in our recliners while watched some DVR’d TV shows.

An undercover picture taken during the Safety Meeting.

An undercover picture taken during the Safety Meeting.

Tuesday was the monthly mandatory safety meeting at the Ranger Station, which meant that Michael had to go in too.  The meeting included safety tips, rehashing any accidents (at work or at home), presentation of Federal service awards (one 10 year & one 30 year) and then a presentation & demo by a rep from Warn Winches.

After the meeting we were treated to a chili cook off.  We had 7 different chilis and 3 different corn breads to sample.  There were several traditional types of chili and a couple of more unique types…one with shrimp & scallops, one with sausage & some other type of meat and even a Caribbean style.  It turned into a very yummy lunch….especially if you combined several!  😉

Filling the cooler with ice

Filling the cooler with ice

After lunch I met with Debra to go over a new project while Michael waited patiently.  Before leaving the ranger station we filled a cooler with ice and grabbed a case of bottled water…another perk to being a volunteer at the Osceola National Forest.

On our way home we drove through Cobb Hunt Camp, one of the dispersed camping areas in the forest.  There is no charge and no facilities except for a couple of porta potties.  There were quite a few campers set up…I’m assuming in anticipation of the upcoming gun hunting season.

A pallet of water is delivered every couple of weeks since the water in the building is supposedly not palatable

A pallet of water is delivered every couple of weeks since the water in the building is supposedly not palatable

When we got home Michael took some time to stack the wood he’s been chopping.  It’s now nicely stacked along the shed rather than heaped in the middle of the yard!

Before we left in the morning I’d put the makings for Shredded Beef Tacos in the crock pot so dinner was easy peasy.  There was enough that I froze 2 more meals for future use…LOVE that!

Wednesday was another day at ‘the office’ for me.  I started creating spreadsheets for a notebook that Debra wants to carry that will contain all of the information she needs close at hand.

While I was gone Michael putzed around organizing and reorganizing the stuff in the shed.  I’m pretty sure that putzing is one of his favorite past times.

I tried another new recipe for dinner…Honey Soy Chicken.  Served it over rice with some steamed veggies (zuchinni, squash, carrots & asparagus) on the side.  The chicken turned out really good and will surely become part of our normal menu.  You just can’t beat super easy and tasty too!

The evening ended with a couple of hours of TV viewing before hitting the hay.

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