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Posted by on October 29, 2013

Monday was the start of my first full week of volunteering for the Osceola National Forest.  I finished up with what could be done in the lab/storage room and then worked with Debra (my supervisor) regarding how she wants the file cabinets in her office organized so that I could start that project Tuesday morning.

Michael and I worked together to get dinner (Beef Stroganoff) made – it was a new recipe that was easy & tasty and will be used again.  Michael has been a big help with the household chores since I’ve been ‘working’.

It was a really early night as we went to bed about 8:30, read for a while and then turned the light off about 9:30.  Not sure why but I was really tired.

The reception desk at the Osceola Ranger Station

The reception desk at the Osceola Ranger Station

Today I drove to the ranger station a different way than I normally do…taking an unpaved back road that ran me past the Hog Pen Landing (another small campground here in the forest) and winding me around Ocean Pond.  Along the way I saw one deer on the side of the road off in the distance but other than that…no traffic, people or other animals.  I think this route is a bit longer than my usual route and I like the paved road I normally drive on…so I’ll stick with my original route….but it was nice change.

When I got to the office, Debra wasn’t in her office but I immediately went to work on the file cabinet project we’d discussed the day before.  I hadn’t been working on it 5 minutes when Debra came in and said they wanted me to work on  a different project today.

Today's obstacle...figuring out what extension belongs to who and who belongs to what extension!

Today’s obstacle…figuring out what extension belongs to who and who belongs to what extension!

The receptionist, Leslie, had an appointment and they needed me to fill in for her…Yay!  Right up my alley!  It was pretty quiet other than answering the phone, transferring calls and answering a few questions.  While I wasn’t answering the phone I was getting my Forest Service computer sign on and password set up.

When my sign on & password were set up I was able to create an Excel spreadsheet for Debra with information pertaining to all the campgrounds and day use sites within the Osceola National Forest.  Debra oversees all aspects of recreation for the forest.

One of my favorite views here at Ocean Pond

One of my favorite views here at Ocean Pond

When I got home Michael was working on blowing all the pine needles from around our site and fire ring.  Fire ants seem to have made their home among them…I found out the hard way!

I made an Oriental Rice & Hamburger casserole for dinner that turned out pretty good.  After enjoying our meal and cleaning up we decided to take a spin (still loving the golf cart!) around the park to see how things were going.  It’s nice to know what sites are still available (especially electric/water) in cased we’re asked.  We’ve lost quite a few campers and amazingly there are still open sites in the electric/water area.

While we were out we came across Stan & Sandy and stopped to chat for a bit.  They told us that their oldest daughter had been in a car accident with a semi this morning on her way to work.  The semi had pulled out in front of her and totaled her car and left her with a broken ankle.  Thankfully, it wasn’t any worse, as it surely could have been.

The ride around the campground is a nice way to end the day.


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