First Week Of Workamping Completed

Posted by on October 25, 2013

Our routine is starting to form now that my workamping position has been able to begin.

Storage shelf - before

Storage shelf – before

Storage shelf - after

Storage shelf – after

I worked from 10 – 2:30 (1/2 hour for lunch) on Wednesday.  I finished up getting all of the volunteer shirts folded, stowed in the cabinet and everything labeled.  Then I worked on organizing & labeling two other shelves that contain give-away items, safety items and miscellaneous stuff.  Much of the giveaway stuff was still in boxes so I emptied all of the boxes and stowed everything neatly in plastic totes.

While I was at work Michael was busy emptying the basement.  He moved everything to the shed so that if he does anymore work in the basement he has complete access.  Having that storage shed is very nice!

Michael grilled Opa’s for dinner…accompanied with some baked beans and chips it was a nice, easy meal.  We have only 1 Opa left…which will be used for breakfast sometime soon.  Thankfully, we’ll be back in Texas come January and we’ll be able to get some more Opa’s!  Thanks, again to our friends, Kevin & Nelly, who were so kind to pick up a huge stash for us back in May!

On Thursday, I went into the ranger station at 10:00 am again and worked until 3:00 pm so that I could finish up what I was working on…my organization of the lab/storage room.  I am pretty much able to work my own hours – it’s very flexible.The days biggest chore was organizing the shelf that holds all of the brochure regarding the Osceola National Forest.

Lumberjack Michael

Lumberjack Michael

Michael worked most of the day on chopping and stacking wood.  After dinner we took a  ride through the campground (love that golf cart!) to check things out.  All 18 electric sites are full again and there are 7 sites filled in the primitive area, which is the fullest I’ve seen it since we got here.  I think the park will just get fuller for the weekend as we’ll see quite a few hunters arrive again in hopes of getting that elusive deer.

Speaking of deer, I actually saw three of them on the side of the road on my way into the ranger station on Tuesday morning…so they’re out there.  Hopefully, they can hide well enough!  Run, Bambi, run!

It’s finally starting to cool off here!  While on our ride Thursday night it was kinda chilly!  We came home and turned the fireplace on to take the chill off a little bit before going to bed.

Friday morning had us awake before 7:00 am…ugh!  The temperature was 44 and the fireplace was turned on!  Ahhh….just can’t beat a quiet morning snuggled under a lightweight blanket while the fireplace flickers away.

I used a recipe given to me by our friend, Jim B, and made a batch of lemon squares to use up some of the lemons that our neighbors blessed us with.  My convection oven did bake them as well as I would have liked…sometimes it’s trial and error with that darn thing.  Next time they’ll have to cook a little longer…but they’re still good.

One of our campers bagged him a deer!

One of our campers bagged him a deer!

This afternoon I covered the gatehouse from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm as campers continue to arrive to spend the weekend here at Ocean Pond Campground.  Thankfully, I actually had work to do rather than just working on my knitting.  I worked on verifying past years income from the three campgrounds in the area (Ocean Pond, Hog Pen & Cobb).  All of the fee envelopes are tallied onto an Excel spreadsheet throughout the year and my job was to verify that all quantities on the spreadsheet and envelopes had been entered correctly.

I had several new campers come through, lots of drive thrus, a couple campers from Cobb Campground come by for water and just as I was leaving one hunter came back with a deer on his back bumper….first one I’ve seen.  I’d heard some shots fired a couple hours earlier so this was probably the reward of those shots.

Since I worked until 7:00 we had a late dinner of Hungarian Goulash.  After dinner we cleaned up the dishes, put things away and then settled down to watch some TV shows on the DVR.





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