I Made A Boo-Boo

Posted by on October 21, 2013

On Saturday when I was working at the gate house I had a visitor come through that wanted to pay for a site but just use the beach and pavilion area.  I thought that would be fine and let her go through.  She put the fee for one nights camping in the fee box and went about her business.

Working....or playing???

Working….or playing???

I later learned from 2 of the camp hosts that that wasn’t acceptable.  There is a day use area across the lake that they can use and this is only for campers.  I verified this with the supervisor over all of this today and still don’t quite understand the thinking on this rule…if someone’s willing to pay for a site why not let them?  Oh well…it is what it is…

I spent two hours up at the gatehouse again today and greeted a few campers and a couple of visitors.  I’ve been trying to take a quick ride around the park before going to the gatehouse so that I can get a feel for what sites are occupied and what’s not. We still have all 18 electric sites full but only 5 other sites have campers in them this afternoon.

While I was at the gatehouse Michael used one of the leaf blowers to clean a bunch of pine needles off the road around the gatehouse.  He also was a sweetheart and warmed up some of our Olive Garden leftovers, brought them to the gatehouse  and then we enjoyed lunch together.

These aro about baseball size....huge!

These are about baseball size….huge!

Stan & Sandy stopped by while we were at the gatehouse and we had a nice chat…they’re such nice people!  Stan had a doctor’s appointment in Jacksonville yesterday so he stopped by their home and picked some lemons from a tree in their yard.  They had so many that they gave us four….but they’re huge!  I’m gonna have to find something to do with lemons as we’ll never use them up just putting them in our water.

Our son, Zack, was notified today that he’ll be PCSing (permanent change of station) next summer and that he should send his top three location requests into HRC (Human Resources Command).  He and Kelsea have decided on Texas, Missouri & Kansas.  Nothing’s guaranteed that he’ll get any of the three requests but they’ll do their best.  I’m so excited that all of our grandbabies & children may actually be fairly close to each other!  This having them on opposite coasts is awful!  Keep your fingers crossed!


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  1. RVingFT

    Have really been enjoying your posts since I discovered your blog. To store extra lemon or lime juice … freeze it! I buy those silicone ice cube trays (I get the JUMBO size) and then I always have fresh lemon or lime juice on hand. If you need more juice cubes, store the extra cubes in a zip lock baggie. It works great 🙂

    • Kelly

      So glad you’re enjoying our blog! Thanks so much for the lemon tip! We’re going to make some lemon bars and also freeze some juice to have on hand later!

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