Happy Sweetest Day!

Posted by on October 19, 2013

For some reason I was awake before 6:00 but resisted getting up until about 6:45.  It was so dark and quiet!  Shortly after Michael woke up I make some breakfast grilled cheese sandwiches and then chilled until I went over to the gatehouse about 11:00 am.

This icky dude was waiting for me when I got to the gate house today!

This icky dude was waiting for me when I got to the gate house today!

I had several hunters return through the gate….but none of them got anything.  I also had several ‘drive thrus’, 3 young adults come through to take showers, a couple new campers & the assistant ranger pass by the gatehouse.  Nothing I couldn’t handle by any means.

In between visitors I washed the outside windows and the window ledges as they were covered in bird poop and looked awful.  The windows were dirty because the birds fly up to the window and the scratch at the window.  I had one do it today and yelled at him to go away…thankfully it was before I cleaned them!

I got home about 2:00 pm and we headed into Lake City about 3:00 pm.  We went straight to Olive Garden for an early dinner.  We decided to try the ‘Buy One, Take One’ meal deal (thanks, Malcolm & Val!).  For $12.99 you get unlimited soup or salad and an entrée for dinner and THEN you choose another entrée to take home for later.  We each had two bowls of soup and then tried the spinach and artichoke dip (we really enjoy this appetizer but their version wasn’t one we cared for) so by the time our entrees came – we were full!  We each tried a small amount of each entrée and then packed them away to take home.  So we now have nearly 4 entrees to enjoy over the next few days!  LOL

We went straight to church after eating and were nearly late.  Once again, not too many attendees but I really like this church.  I’d like to see Father let loose a little but, oh well.  We sang a couple of our favorite hymns…which is always nice.

We also did our weekly grocery shopping while in town.  We made quick work of it and in and out within an hour.  We were home around 7:30 pm and while I took a quick shower Michael was a sweetheart and put the groceries and Olive Garden leftovers for me.  (Happy Sweetest Day!)

By 8:00 pm we were relaxing in our recliners and spent a couple of hours watching TV before heading for bed.



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