First Day On The Job

Posted by on October 18, 2013
Ocean Pond Campground Gatehouse

Ocean Pond Campground Gatehouse

I met Debra & Allison at the gatehouse at 12:30 this afternoon to go over what they want/need me to do while we’re here at Ocean Pond Campground.  Everything is pretty laid back and there’s no set schedule of hours to work or where to work.  Being an ultra-organized person that’s gonna be tough for me but I’ll manage.

After we finished our meeting I stayed at the gatehouse for a while to get the feel for things – greeted a few campers, answered some questions and started doing a little maintenance inside.  The computer that’s in the gatehouse currently doesn’t seem to want to work so until that’s fixed I won’t be able to do any data entry, which is something they’d like me to do while I’m at the gatehouse.  So hopefully, that is fixed soon.

Inside of the gatehouse

Inside of the gatehouse

I left the gatehouse at 3:00 and walked the short path back to our site.  When I arrived, Michael was just leaving with Stan on his golf cart.  I tried yelling but they’re both hard of hearing and neither heard me.  They were on a mission…a mission to get keys for our golf cart.

Not long after, Stan came back this way but Michael wasn’t with him.  They’d gotten our golf cart and Michael was now down at site 8 where Kenny was working on getting a water line fixed that had been hit by a mower.   Michael was there to lend assistance if needed…you know how guys are.

The site across from ours tonight

The site across from ours this evening

I went back up to the gatehouse from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  I had several campers come through the gate that had already set up camp…but no new ones.  So it was mostly just greeting guests as they came into the campground.  There are no reservations so everything is first come, first served and they put their payments in a locked box so there is no money to have to take.  Just answering questions, giving directions…that kind of thing.

Tomorrow is the first day of muzzleloading deer season here so a good majority of the campers are here to hunt in the Osceola National Forest.  They were all very friendly as they passed through the gate.  I’ll be interested to see how many of them come through the gate tomorrow and have a deer.

In between greeting campers I swept inside and out, straightened up the maintenance closet  and filled the outside brochure display.  I made sure to bring my knitting with me and I worked on that too.

Michael had dinner ready minutes after I got home and we enjoyed it out on the patio until got dark and the bugs started making themselves known.


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