Moving Day: Savannah, GA To Sanderson, FL

Posted by on September 26, 2013

I was up earlier than usual this morning.  I enjoyed the quiet of the morning for about an hour before starting moving.  I made some ‘bagelwiches’ & cut up some fruit for breakfast and did the dishes before starting on my ‘move day’ chores.  I didn’t have much to do as I try to start battening down the hatches the day before.

Misty, overcast conditions as we left Savannah.

Misty, overcast conditions as we left Savannah.

Michael had down a good portion of his chores outside done too…so he only had to take down the satellite dish, unhook the sewer, water & electric and then we were ready to hitch up the truck.

We had just 178 miles to travel today so we planned on pulling out about 11:00 am so when we pulled out at 10:45 we were happy campers!  We’ve really got our moving day procedures down pretty good and can pretty much be out of a site within an hour.

In case you don’t remember (or I didn’t mention) I’ve accepted a volunteer position with the Osceola National Forest as an office assistant beginning October 1st for approximately 3 months.  In exchange for 24 hours per week we will be provided with a full hook-up site, propane allotment and mileage.  We’re looking forward to ‘sitting still’ for a while but figure we’ll get antsy before my gig is up!

The day started out overcast & misting with a temperature of 68.  The mist didn’t last much more than 20 miles and the temperature gradually rose the further south we traveled.  It stayed overcast the entire trip and didn’t get much higher than 78 or so.

Ocean Pond Campground  - site 5

Ocean Pond Campground – site 5

We stopped at a rest area near Brunswick, Georgia to use the facilities.  While we were there we couldn’t help but cap the 13 Munzees scattered about the area.  We, of course, added our share of Munzees before hitting the road again.  We really like the rest areas that have Munzees deployed in them as it gives us a really good chance to get out and stretch our legs.

We had a very smooth trip, pulling into Ocean Pond Campground about 2:30  We went straight to site 5 as directed by my contact with the volunteer coordinator at Osceola National Forest.  The site is nice and wooded with an asphalt pad, picnic table and a grill/fire ring.  We also have water & electric.  However, the ad I responded to specified a full hook-up site.  I also have 3 emails stating full hook-up site.  Needless to say we weren’t too happy when we set up.  I sent an email off to the volunteer coordinator asking if they were planning on providing a pump service because we’re not planning to hook the coach up every 4 -5 days to dump the tanks….for 3 months.  We’ll see what kind of response we get.  Who knows….maybe we’ll be moving on sooner than expected.

I hope things work out because I think we’ll like it here.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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