PJ Kinda Day…

Posted by on September 21, 2013

What an awesome day!  Slept late, Michael made breakfast and I stayed in my pjs until…ok so I NEVER got out of my pjs….and it felt SOOOO good.

We finished up some laundry, caught up on some back-logged TV shows on the DVR, watched a couple of movies that have been on the DVR forever and I also worked on my next months menu.  Working on the menu meant spending time on Pinterest looking for new recipes to try….I’ve found Pinterest to be really helpful when I’m in a rut with meals.

We had some grilled ribs, (thanks for the rub, Jim B!) baked beans and grilled zucchini & asparagus for dinner.  (I even grilled in my pjs!)  Later this evening will have some chocolate cake for dessert while we watch some more TV.  Just can’t beat a quiet relaxing day at home with nothing to do.


2 Responses to PJ Kinda Day…

  1. jbeletti

    Gotta love a PJ sort of day! So was there a bit of heat in that rib rub? 🙂

    • Kelly

      Ummmm…..YEAH! I added quite a bit of brown sugar to tame it but…whoa…no help! But it was darn good! LOL

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