First Day in Savannah & A Year In Review

Posted by on September 20, 2013
Even the trees at the commissary and PX are dripping with Spanish moss.  So pretty...

Even the trees at the commissary and PX are dripping with Spanish moss. So pretty…

We didn’t venture too far today.  We pretty much stayed on post except that we took the ‘long’ way home, which meant going off post.

Our first stop was at the Outdoor Rec Office a few miles from the campground.  We had originally thought we’d be paying $22 per night but when we got there I noticed that they offer a discount if you have an America the Beautiful card.  We saved $4 per night, making our total savings for the week $28!!  We’ll take it.  We’ve run across a few other military FamCamps that offer that additional discount…very nice.

We needed a few groceries so we headed to the main post.  We stopped at the PX first, where Michael got a haircut (much needed) and then took a quick stroll through the PX itself…it was quick because it’s very small!  Before heading over to the commissary we grabbed a quick lunch at Noble Roman’s Pizza.  We shared a personal pizza and a hot ham & cheese sandwich.  We’ve learned that it is always best to go grocery shopping on a full tummy or we buy lots of stuff we didn’t need!

Hard to believe that a year ago this man was a soldier!

Hard to believe that a year ago this man was a soldier!

Taking the ‘long’ way home took us past 2 Munzees that we had to stop and cap.  We also deployed a couple in a small shopping center.  Taking the ‘long’ way home also gave us a little more insight into the area immediately around us.  Even though we are on a military post we have a Target, Walmart & mall within walking distance.  I think we’ll be visiting Walmart tomorrow to rent a movie from the Red Box as I have a coupon for a free rental (thanks, Amanda!) that expires soon.

I spent the afternoon researching things to do and places to go here in Savannah and made a cake.  Michael helped a fellow camper get his class B hooked up to small utility trailer and relaxed.  We made a combined effort on dinner.  I marinated a flank steak and he grilled it while I made a salad and some cheesy orzo with broccoli.

We’ve been out of our routine for so long…visiting with the kids, going to rally’s, visiting with friends.  It feels good just to relax and do every day stuff again.

Today happens to be the 1 year anniversary of Michael out-processing from the Army.  He was on terminal leave until his actual retirement date of October 1.  But as of one year ago today we were free to travel wherever we pleased!

During that year we have almost come full circle.  We started out at Ft. Benning, Georgia and are now in Savannah, Georgia.  We have put 9379 miles on the coach and visited 28 states.

We’ve visited the Pacific & Atlantic oceans, as well as the Gulf of Mexico and seen the Great Salt Lake.  We enjoyed beautiful views of mountains in Texas, Arizona, Utah and Washington…some snow covered others lush and green.  On a good day we had great views of Mt. St. Helens & Mt. Hood while in Vancouver, Washington.

We had our slide awning torn off by high winds in El Paso and laid low in Panguitch, Utah for a couple of days due to snow.  We’ve seen temps in the high 90s (100’s with the heat index) and lows in the high 20s.

We have been blessed to visit so many places:  Cliff dwellings in AZ, Amish Country in IN, Mt Rushmore (again), Progresso, MX, Kitefest in TX, Brewers Spring Training, Tuzigoot Ntl Monument, Hershey’s Chocolate World, the Amityville Horror house, the Alamo, tons of historic cemeteries, we listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Michael rubbed Selena’s butt in Corpus Christi….the list goes on.

The best part of all?  Visiting with our family and friends.  We were able to spend time with both of our sons and their families.  The highlight of both of those visits was welcoming our 2 new grandsons into our family.  We also got to visit with Michael’s aunt & uncle in Canton, TX as well as his oldest brother and his wife in Dallas.

We got the chance to visit with friends Ken & Cheryl in South Carolina, Steve & Nonna in Mississippi as well as Tony & Erica in Texas.  Not to mention the MANY Heartland friends at several different Heartland functions we were able to attend.

Just think…many of you have experienced this last year ‘with’ us…I hope you’ve enjoyed it almost as much as we have.


2 Responses to First Day in Savannah & A Year In Review

  1. jbeletti

    Great 1 year update Kelly and Michael. You guys have really made the most of your time and while you have been blessed to have such fun, we too have been blessed to have met you and enjoy your company many times in that year.

    Wishing you all the best for the next year! Your friends, Jim and Nancy

    • Kelly

      Jim, the feeling is completely mutual! We have enjoyed being able to spend time with you, Nancy & Emme very much. Looking forward to you all in our future!

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