Moving Day: Emporia, VA To Dillon, SC

Posted by on September 18, 2013
North Carolina Welcome Center....very nice

North Carolina Welcome Center….very nice

Wow!  We slept late…in a Flying J parking lot!  I slept til almost 9:30 and Michael rolled out of bed around 10:00.  Our little corner of the lot was nice and quiet.   We were in no hurry to mosey on as we had a rather short drive planned for today so we didn’t intend to pull out until 11:00 or 12:00 anyway.

We pulled onto I-95 south just before 11:30 am and traveled as far as the North Carolina welcome center (about 10 miles).  Michael had noticed that there were two Munzees located there…a virtual and a diamond.  Not being in a hurry we made a the stop, capped both and deployed a few before heading on.

Owner & chef at Kelly's Kitchen

Owner & chef at Kelly’s Kitchen

We stopped for lunch about 2:00 pm and enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen.  Today’s special was Wisconsin cheese, Usinger’s sausage, honey crisp apples w/caramel dip and Hershey’s peanut butter cup miniatures for dessert!  Yum!  The weather was perfect for outdoor dining and hunting a few Munzee’s while we were at it!

The really great thing about this lifestyle is that we can change our plans any time we feel like it!  And that’s exactly what we did today.  We were going to stay at another Flying J tonight but while driving we decided to go with a Passport America park for $15 + tax for the night for a full hookup site.  The season premiere of Survivor is on tonight and this was we can watch it without having to run the generator for an hour and a half while it’s on.  We probably would have used nearly $15 in propane running the generator!

Set up for the night in site A4

Set up for the night in site A4

We pulled into the Bass Lake Campground in Dillon, South Carolina shortly before 5:00 pm.  We were checked in by a lovely lady with a British accent and then directed to our site for the evening.  Our neighbor is in a Big Horn with no owners plaque.  We chatted with a gentleman from across the way who is also a full-timer with South Dakota license plates too.  He winters here and then travels during the summer months.  Very nice little park that is close to the interstate.

We settled in nicely for the night.  We had dinner (chili for Michael & soup for me), watched some TV using the antenna (we pulled in 36 stations!) and called it a night.

It’s been quite some time but today we get to add a sticker to our U.S. map!  The plan to fill in our map is that we need only travel through the state in our RV  in order to add a sticker to it.  It doesn’t have to be this particular RV as we’ve traveled in 2 other RVs as well.  Other people choose to only add a state sticker if they sleep in the state in their RV…that’s their prerogative.

One more state...

One more state…


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