Hershey RV Show – America’s Largest RV Show

Posted by on September 11, 2013

IMG_0006We volunteered to work at the Heartland display at the Hershey RV Show and were assigned to work from 9-5 today.  Our main job was to mill about the Heartland displays and be on hand if prospective owners had questions of current owners. It’s always nice to be able to get answers from those that have real experiences with products you’re thinking of purchasing.

We also introduced the Owners Club to any current owners that weren’t aware of the club and it’s benefits as well as discussing with prospective buyers.  In our opinion, being part of the owners club is one of the best benefits of being a Heartland owner!

Part of the Wilkins RV display

Part of the Wilkins RV display

We didn’t have to worry about trying to sell a coach…but if someone was interested in purchasing we were able to grab one of the Wilkins RV or Camping World reps and they then would sit down with the prospective buyers and go over options, details and dollar figures.

Unfortunately, it was probably THE hottest day we’ve experienced in a LONG time.  At one point I saw that the temp was 94 with a feels like of 103.  The humidity was awful and being out in it for the majority of the day most of us were drenched with sweat.

Thankfully, we had lots of water on hand and the air conditioning was running full blast in all of the coaches – but with all of the doors wide open they didn’t get cooled off completely…but it helped somewhat.

We have 2 dealers displaying Heartland products...this is part of the Camping World display

We have 2 dealers displaying Heartland products…this is part of the Camping World display

There were 6 of us that were there all day and after leaving the Giant Center about 5:00 pm we were home before 6:00 pm.  I took a nice cold shower while Michael kept an eye on the dinner that I started before I hopped in the shower.  We ate our dinner while watching ‘Chopped’ and then Michael took his turn in the shower.

We got a little rain & thunder about 7:30 but it didn’t amount too much.  But as a precautionary measure Mike took the satellite dish down and stowed it so it didn’t get blown over.

I made it an early night as I think I got a touch too much heat as we walked to the truck at the end of the day and started feeling the telltale ‘heat sick’ headache coming on.



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