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Posted by on July 21, 2013

We went to two more open houses today.  The first was one that Dan and Amanda had already visited a couple of times and really liked.  A very nice home with great curb appeal…though the neighborhood is a bit old/tired.  It was one of the cheaper homes we’ve seen and a fairly decent commute for Dan.  The backyard is on the small side and at the present, completely overgrown.

Huntington Home

Huntington Home


Kitchen/Living room

The second was one that they’d not seen yet but was a good price, decent neighborhood and nice commute.  However, it was on a pretty busy road and 145 years old!  We viewed it more or less just to see what it was like.  For as old as it is it was in good shape and was full of character and charm…just not something Dan and Amanda were really interested in.  However, lots of other people were as there were all kinds of people there to view it.

Syosset Home - built in 1868

Syosset Home – built in 1868

After house hunting we decided to visit one of the area Roadside America finds.  The colonial-era McDonald’s in New Hyde Park was originally purchased by McDonald’s to be torn down to make way for a new building.  However, because of its historic value the landmark commission wouldn’t allow it so the outside was restored and inside converted to a McDonald’s.  It’s a beautiful building, inside and out.  Michael and I each placed a Munzee outside to bring people to this interesting building.

Colonial McDonald's

Colonial McDonald’s

Michael and our very pregnant, Amanda, deploying a Munzee

Michael and our very pregnant, Amanda, deploying a Munzee

It was Amanda’s turn to cook dinner tonight and she made pasties.  Pasties originated in the UK and are a pastry filled with meat and potatoes and then baked.  They are a very common dish in the southwestern portion of Wisconsin where Amanda grew up and we lived for 10 years while our boys were in school.  They were very good and even our little Alex gobbled them up.  Click here for a recipe similar to the one Amanda uses.

We ended the evening by playing a game of Settlers of Catan.  It’s a strategy game (of which I’m not good at) but fun…even though I always lose.  Dan won tonight’s game even though he whined the majority of the game saying he had no chance at winning (this is quite common…I think it’s his form of strategy!)

Serious game playing going on...

Serious game playing going on…

Serious tickling going on...

Serious tickling going on…





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