Settling Into Our New ‘Site’ On Long Island

Posted by on July 18, 2013

Oh my gosh, it’s hot!  So hot you just really don’t feel like doing anything….so we really haven’t done a whole lot.  But here’s a quick ‘catch up’.

Tuesday – We spent the day lounging mostly.  Amanda, Alex and I went to BJ’s Wholesale Club and Stop & Shop to do some grocery shopping.  The plan is to share cooking duties while we are here, which is always kinda nice.  Later on in the day Dan helped Michael and I get the coach backed into its home here in West Babylon.  Amanda worked for a few hours in the evening so we had dinner when she got home – Creamy Herb Chicken, Amish noodles and green beans.  We slept in the house again.

Home sweet Home at Casa Barnett

Home sweet Home at Casa Barnett

Wednesday – Was another fairly lazy day.  Dan had to work in the office but the rest of us stayed home and tried to stay as cool as possible.  Michael got the satellite dish set up so we’ll have TV in the coach.  I made Salisbury Steak, gravy, mashed potatoes & corn for dinner and had it ready shortly after D&A arrived home from work.  After dinner they taught us a new game called ‘Salad Bowl‘…kind of a mix of Charades, Password and Taboo.  We had a blast….laughed so hard it hurt!  The air conditioning was working well in the coach so we slept in our own bed….there’s just no place like ‘home’!

Thursday – Since we woke up in our own home we started our day off by relaxing in our recliners, checking email & Facebook – the usual routine.  I was also able to go online and pay our toll for the Throgs Neck Bridge instead of mailing in the little envelope we were given.

Dan had to go into the office again but stopped by to see us for a couple of seconds before he left.  Shortly after Dan left we headed into the house to visit with Amanda & Alex and eat breakfast.  (We’ve moved all of our refrigerated food into the house so as not to use quite so much power.

Michael, Amanda, Alex and I went out for lunch…we tried a Chinese restaurant, Foo Luck, it was pretty good but not excellent.  Amanda said it was better than most of those they’ve tried in the area, so far.  In the same shopping center was a market called, Meat Farm’s that Amanda has been interested in checking out so we did just that!  It’s a nice little market that has a lot of different items we weren’t familiar with…so it was interesting to see.

Snake Squash - never heard/seen it

Snake Squash – never heard/seen it

Lots of Fava beans

Lots of Fava beans

Before heading home we decided to look for some Munzee‘s that Amanda had tried to find in the past and was unable to find.  The only notes on every one was, ‘Skirt’….which none of us understood.  The first one…we couldn’t find at all…but decided to look under (by pulling up) the bottom portion of a light post.  Thought we’d look at a couple of the others, just in case, and lo and behold….there was the Munzee.  Each were magnetic Munzee’s placed beneath the ‘skirt’ of the light post.  While we were at it, Michael and I each posted a few Munzee’s to ‘grow the map’.  Long Island is almost a barren wasteland when it comes to Munzee’s….but hopefully before we leave we’ll have left our mark.

8 months pregnant and Munzee hunting

8 months pregnant and Munzee hunting

Dinner tonight was Opa’s, grilled potatoes & salad.  Thanks to good friends, Kevin & Nelly we still have plenty of Opa’s and can share them too!  Dinner was very good….as it always is when we share it with our family.  We cleaned up the dishes afterward and visited for a short while before heading home (all 50 feet or so away) for the night.




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