Moving Day: Brookville, PA To West Babylon, NY

Posted by on July 16, 2013

We chilled at home until about noon – route planning, Facebooking, checking email, activating our new EZ Pass, etc.  By that time we were pretty hungry and moseyed on over to Denny’s for some breakfast.  Thankfully we weren’t in any hurry as it took us almost 45 minutes to get our breakfast.

After breakfast/lunch Michael took both propane tanks over to have them filled so that we have plenty of propane while we’re at Dan and Amanda’s and hopefully won’t have to worry about filling up while we are there.  While he had the truck unhitched and was out he also filled the truck up with fuel which will get us all the way to Long Island and we won’t have to worry about filling up today.

Our trip today was just about 350 miles and not wanting to hit rush hour traffic going through New Jersey or New York we chose to wait until 3:15 pm to hit the road.  Pennsylvania seemed to take forever to get through…although it was a pretty drive.

Pennsylvania scenery

Pennsylvania scenery


We stopped at the first rest area in New Jersey about 7:30 for a bite to eat.  We were surprised to find that rest areas in New Jersey close their bathrooms at 4:00 pm….thankfully we carry our restroom with us!  We only stayed about 45 minutes as we were ready to done for the day!

New Jersey!

New Jersey!

Kelly's Kitchen

Kelly’s Kitchen

Actually a rather pretty setting for a rest area

Actually a rather pretty setting for a rest area

The traffic picked up a little when we started getting closer to NYC but it was very manageable and when never had to come to a stop.  We passed over the George Washington Bridge which separates New Jersey and New York and passes over the Delaware River.  The toll was $60.00!  We didn’t have cash so the woman at the booth sent a bill to our license plate registration address.  We’re going to look into whether that fee is correct or not as it seems extremely high!

We kept sailing along down I-95 through upper Manhattan and came to the Throg’s Neck Bridge and another toll.  The gentleman at the toll both was very friendly and since we didn’t have cash he took Michael’s license and registration and then gave us an envelope to mail the $13.50 (+$2.00 service charge) toll fee.

Just past the toll we were directed by our GPS and the Google maps print out I had with to exit onto the Cross Island Parkway which would take us to the Long Island Expressway.  Michael was concerned when he saw ‘parkway’ as we knew that the parkways could have low clearance bridges.  But we listened to the GPS and took the ramp and before even getting to the end of the ramp we came to a bridge with a 12 foot 8 inch clearance!  When the coach has a 13 foot 6 inch clearance you have a problem!

Michael immediately stopped and turned on the flashers with cars whizzing by…several honking.  We sat for a couple of minutes trying to figure out what to do.  Finally, Michael called 911 and explained our dilemma and the operator said she’d send someone out.  Michael got out of the truck with a flashlight to warn people coming down the ramp, around a corner so we didn’t get rear-ended.  Less than 5 minutes later a gentleman from the bridge authority came and told Michael that most of New York’s bridges are actually a foot taller than they’re marked.  Whew!  He radioed another car to come and block the traffic coming down the ramp and then walked us through the bridge just to be on the safe side.

I was a bit of a basket case as you might remember I said I had a LOT of anxiety about our route…so this was awful for me!  Anyway…we had 2 more bridges between us and the LIE.  We took them very slowly, with hazards on and held our breath.  Once on the LIE everything was smooth sailing and we arrived at Dan & Amanda’s around 11:30 pm.  You can be assured that we’ll be doing a LOT more research for our route when we leave and won’t end up on ANY parkways!

We just parked the coach and the truck on the road next to the house for the night and planned to get it parked in the yard today.  We slept in the house in the air conditioning and may just do the same thing for a few nights since we’re in the middle of heat wave.

7 Responses to Moving Day: Brookville, PA To West Babylon, NY

  1. Anita-Wayne Cooper

    Now that was an adventure! That’s the word Wayne uses when stuff scares me or things don’t go smoothly. Glad you got there safe and probably one good hug from the grand made it all better.

  2. Jeff Venus

    Holy crap!! Tolls and overhead restrictions? What GPS do you’ll use? Just some helpful advise, pay those tolls in the time they said. I was in NJ and did not have the cash for the toll and forgot to pay the $1.25 plus $10 penalty in the 1 week timeline and ended up getting a court summons with court cost attached. Just sayin it cost a little more.

    • Kelly

      Hey Jeff! Holy crap is right! Thanks for the tip! I’ll get the toll envelope in the mail today!

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