Moving Day – Goshen, Indiana To Brookville, PA

Posted by on July 15, 2013

Ahhh….after 38 nights here in Goshen, Indiana today is moving day!  We have really enjoyed our time here and aren’t necessarily ready to leave but our grandbaby, Alex, awaits!  With all the work Michael has done on the coach while we’ve been here we haven’t gotten the quality time together that we’re used to and I’m kinda disappointed about that…but we have plenty of days ahead together.  You can be sure we’ll be back to this area (Heartland National Rally in 2015 for sure!) for an extended period.

Today’s destination was supposed to be 303 miles down the road, almost into Pennsylvania.  We pulled out of the Elkhart County Fairgrounds just a few minutes before 10:00 am making our way to US 20.  We followed US 20 into Ohio to avoid the Indiana tolls on I-80.  Once into Ohio we picked up I-80 and got socked with the Ohio tolls…$35.25 to drive from one side to the other.  Eek!



Another reason for following US-20 into Ohio was to enjoy the beautiful Amish countryside one last time.  It’s almost like stepping back in time driving down the roads around the Goshen/Middlebury/Shipshewana area.  There’s something about the farms, animals, horse-drawn buggies, schoolhouses that I find very calming and relaxing.  Good-bye Amish country….we’ll see you soon!

So long Amish home...

So long Amish home…

So long Amish phone booth...

So long Amish phone booth…

So long Amish schoolhouse...

So long Amish schoolhouse…

So long Amish buggy....

So long Amish buggy….

We even took a little Amish horse manure with us....

We even took a little Amish horse manure with us….

So long Amish country lane...we'll miss you!

So long Amish country lane…we’ll miss you!

We purchased an EZ Pass at one of the service plaza’s in Ohio so as to help alleviate some of the pain of the tolls of the northeast.   The pass covers the northeast and as far west as Illinois and as far south as Virginia.  We still have to activate it as the number to call to activate it is only available during weekdays.

Ohio Turnpike toll plaza

Ohio Turnpike toll plaza

EZ Pass - supposed to save up to 50% in tolls

EZ Pass – supposed to save up to 50% in tolls

While we were on the road we were discussing this trip and changed our minds.  The original plan was to stop in Hubbard, OH for the night then drive to Bloomsburg, PA on Monday.  We’d stay there and try to go to sleep early and pull out for our last 211 miles about 2:00 am so as to miss the crazy NJ/NY traffic.  Scratch all that…we drove to Brookville, PA (about 380 miles) and will chill out here until mid-afternoon and then drive into Long Island tonight.  Passing through the dreaded NJ/NY crazy place between 9:00 and 10:00 pm.

We arrived at the Flying J in Brookville about 7:00 pm last night.  After finding a parking spot – lots of open spaces but we look for one that might have less traffic around it and that we can put out our bedroom slide – we fired up the generator and turned on the air conditioning.  While the house was cooling off we went inside to Denny’s for dinner.

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

We were gone just about an hour and a quarter and shortly after arriving home….we ran out of propane!  Thankfully, there is propane on site and Michael just unhooked one of our 40 pound bottles and took it up to be filled.  He hooked us up and we ran the generator for another hour or so, which cooled us off pretty good until about 5:30 this morning when Michael turned the genny on again to cool things off.  Neither of us slept real good…for one reason or another but ended up sleeping in until 9:30 am!

I know why I didn’t sleep well…and that comes to my first rule for sleeping in Flying J’s overnight.  Do not, under and circumstances park next to a row of semi trailers that have no tractor (truck) attached!  The trailers most likely are here waiting for a truck to pick them up and transport them elsewhere.  In this case, they came and went ALL night long and they’re loud when they pick up and drop off!  Clang, Bang, Crash!  Yikes!  Note:  We have slept in parking lots quite a few times and up until this point I have never felt the need to make a rule.

2 Responses to Moving Day – Goshen, Indiana To Brookville, PA

  1. Candace

    Very true Kelly about the TS parking … also – the trailers with that big thing on the front is a reefer. Sometimes THEIR generator runs all night – coming on and going off – which can also be a deterrent to sleep. I have REALLY enjoyed your Goshen-Amish country posts, as it’s a favorite destination of ours also. Safe travels to the NE ….

    • Kelly

      Hi Candace! Thanks for the post. These trailers were all refers…the generators don’t bother me at all…but that loud bangs and crashes of the trucks hooking and unhooking were awful! I’m glad you enjoyed the Goshen/Amish posts…can’t wait to get back there! Where are you currently?

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