The Project Continues & The Granddaughter Pees!

Posted by on July 7, 2013

Today was another fairly easy day (I think from here on out they will be).  Michael’s biggest project was placing the black diamond plate flooring into the basement.  He cut it to size, cut holes for the plumbing and UDC and then glued it into place and stapled around the edges.

Holes cut for plumbing

Holes cut for plumbing

Laying the glue down

Laying the glue down

So the basement floor is complete now he just needs to put everything back together again…the walls, wiring, vacuum, TV, UDC, water pump etc and lets just hope that when it’s all back together again….it all works!

Yay!  New basement floor!

Yay! New basement floor!

When the diamond plate was in place and the glue was drying he moved on to fine tuning the mass of spaghetti that is the wiring for the coach.

Spaghetti wiring - note that he had already neatly bundled everything not long after we got the coach

Spaghetti wiring – note that he had already neatly bundled everything not long after we got the coach

Reworking the spaghetti

Reworking the spaghetti

It amazes me how men seem to be attracted to other men doing work on coaches, vehicles etc!  Michael had three separate men stop by today to see what he’s been doing in the basement as they all seem to have been watching him from afar up til this point!  And any of you that know Michael, know how he loves to chat….which means that the work gets put on hold until his visitors leave.

I guess I misspoke a few days ago when I said we were the only ones left from the Heartland rally.  The couple that did the RV weighing for RVSEF, Trey & Susan, were still here.  They weighed for another rally the weekend after ours and then stayed on through the 4th of July weekend.

We’d gotten the chance to chat with them several times as they’d stop over to check on Michael’s progress in the basement.  They’re such a friendly couple and we really enjoyed chatting with them.  They’re full-timers as well and work doing the RV weighing and also have a part time ministry job that they work on as well.  Unfortunately, they left today, but are only headed less then 50 miles south of here to relax and work on their ministry work for a month or so before they’ll be back here to do another weighing gig.  We’re hoping that our paths will meet down the road.

We’ll be leaving here Sunday and heading east toward Long Island, New York.  Can hardly wait as we have a handsome 18-month old grandson waiting for us!  You might be aware that the RV parks on Long Islands are slim picking so we’ve decided to park in our son’s yard and go from there.  If you’re familiar with Long Island at all you also might know that low clearances are huge issues.  So…I’ve been having some anxiety over getting to their home through the residential streets and getting backed into their yard.

Today I expressed my concern to Michael, Dan & Amanda.  Dan & Amanda called from their front yard and we had a video chat (using Google Hangout) and they walked us through the yard and even measured things off so we had a better understanding of where the best options to park would be.  They are also going to drive the route we’ll need to take after exiting the Long Island Expressway (LIE) to their home to check to make sure there are no low clearances.  This did my heart good and I think I’ll be able to sleep better now.  Thank you both, D&A!

While we were eating dinner out on the patio we got a text message from our son, Zack & his wife, Kelsea.  It was something that made me realize how proud we are to be grandparents!  It seems that our princess, Paityn, was playing outside while her Momma & Papa were cleaning out their camper.  Suddenly they heard, ‘Momma, I peed’!  They had strategically placed her potty chair out on the front porch, just in case.  This is a huge milestone as it’s the first time she’s gone by herself at home!  Yay, for 2 year olds and going potty on the potty chair!  Nothing beats being a grandparent!



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  1. Jay Coffman

    I remember the first time for our boys. It’s a great milestone!

    • Kelly

      It is! I even have a picture…but thought best to leave it off the blog! 🙂

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