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Posted by on June 30, 2013

Yesterday was a rather quiet day for us….much welcomed, actually.  We’ve had few of those since we arrived in Indiana.

The big highlight of the day was attending mass at St. John the Evangelist here in Goshen.  The church is only a few miles from the fairgrounds and right on Main Street.  A very large and pretty church with high ceilings and the ‘normal’ 2 rows of pews with a center aisle leading to the altar.  Unfortunately, we have found that high ceilings most often mean not so good acoustics and this was the case again.  With Michael’s hearing issues good acoustics are essential or he can’t make out what’s being said.  We had a visiting priest , Monsignor Marron, who spoke to about Food for the Poor, a charity he has been volunteering for full-time since his retirement.  Msgr. Marron spoke with an Irish brogue which made it even harder for Michael to understand.

St. John the Evangelist

St. John the Evangelist

Just before we left for church about 4:00 pm a monsoon hit!  Wow!  It came down in sheets for a long time.  We tried to wait it out as long as we could and it slowed enough for us to get to the truck without becoming completely drenched…although we were wet.  Thankfully, we had an umbrella in the truck that accompanied us into church.  It continued raining (not nearly as hard as it did when it first began) until about 2:00 in the morning.  It has rained every day this week and the forecast is still calling for rain a couple more days.  Yikes!  I’m really wondering if we should invest in some pontoons!?!

After church we quickly stopped by Walmart to pick up some eggs & juice.  While there we picked up 2 Red Box movies as well…something we haven’t done it quite some time.  We chose The Impossible & Jack Reacher.

‘The Impossible’ follows a tourist family as they go through the events of the tsunami in Thailand in 2004.  It was very good and so very hard to fathom what it was actually like to experience.  We enjoyed the movie from the comfort of our bed!  What a treat to relax in bed and watch a movie…a long time coming!

‘Jack Reacher’ stars Tom Cruise and is a police drama that follows the investigation of a sniper who killed 5 people in broad daylight.  It was a pretty action-packed movie that kept Michael interested for the entire show.

While we were out we also stopped at the Supreme Buffet for dinner.  We were kind of surprised to see several Amish in the restaurant…just never thought that Chinese would be to their liking, I guess.  We had a young, married couple sit down at the table across from us.  When we left we noticed we’d parked in the horse and buggy parking by mistake!

Loved the hat left at the table as the couple went to get their dinner

Loved the hat left at the table as the couple went to get their dinner

Oopsie!  There were no buggies parked here when we arrived and neither of us noticed the 'hitching post'!

Oopsie! There were no buggies parked here when we arrived and neither of us noticed the ‘hitching post’!

Today Michael worked in the basement.  Not so much on the flooring but on straightening up the ‘spaghetti’ (as he calls it) of wiring.  He’d already bundled most of the wiring in the past but did a little more today while there are no walls or anything to hinder his work.

While Michael did his ‘thing’…I did mine.  I worked on (and finished) my most recent loom knitting project.  I made a ‘cocoon’ (bunting, sleeping bag, etc) for our 3rd grandson, who is due to arrive in August.  I’ve come to refer to him as ‘no name’ as his parents haven’t decided on a name yet and most likely will wait until they meet him to fully decide on his name…just as they did with his big brother, Alex.

Nearing the end

Nearing the end

A baby sleep sack or cocoon....whichever you prefer

A baby sleep sack or cocoon….whichever you prefer

It never seems to matter how old you children get…they’re still your babies and you can’t help but worry about them.  Both of our boys had not so great days yesterday.  Zack, our oldest, spent several hours in the ER in Vancouver, Washington do to vomiting and pain in his back.  After several tests were run it was determined he was suffering from gastroenteritis and was sent home with pain pills and orders to rest and hydrate.  Dan, the younger of the two, and his best friend from high school met in Las Vegas yesterday, for a long weekend.  While watching a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Ka’ one of the show’s female artist’s fell about 70 ft from her wire.  She fell into a pit below but her screams and groans could be heard by everyone.  Unfortunately, the young mother of 2, passed away on the way to the hospital.  I’m hoping that Dan and his friend are able to put such an awful tragedy behind them and enjoy the rest of their trip.

Getting some much needed rest

Getting some much needed rest



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  1. Sally

    Love your cocoon… sorry to hear about the young female performer! Prayers go out to her family!

    • Kelly

      Now to make a matching hat and get a baby to go in them! So sad for this woman and her family and tragic for an entire audience to witness.

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