And Then There Was One

Posted by on June 28, 2013

About 8:30 this morning we noticed that Terry & Carol were hitching up and soon after they pulled out.  They had been waiting for a new awning to come in and they must have gotten a call that it was in earlier than expected.  We are now the only Heartland rig left at the fairgrounds.  There are 4 other rigs here in the northwest section and a small rally with about 40 rigs over in the Maple Street section….sure is a lot different from it was last weekend when we had 250 Heartland rigs alone here.

We're in the middle

We’re in the middle

Hard to believe every site was ful just a few days ago

Hard to believe every site was ful just a few days ago

Michael spent a good deal of time rerouting the plumbing in the basement so that it was out of the way for the new basement flooring project.  He also noticed that the shower drain was leaking and found that we had a broken pipe.  He made a couple of phone calls and found that the part (Swivel Tray Plug with Washer) that he needs is not readily available so he had one of the local hardware stores, Grainger, order one and it will be in on Monday.

Temporary plumbing

Temporary plumbing

The piece on the left is broken off top of the piece on the right....

The piece on the left is broken off top of the piece on the right….

We’ve been working on cleaning out all of the leftovers from the refrigerator!  Thanks to Heartland we had brats for lunch (along with leftover baked beans, potato salad & macaroni salad).  For dinner we had leftovers from Red Lobster.  Now the refrigerator is void of leftovers!  Now to work on emptying the freezer so that I can get it thawed out in the next few days…it’s needs it badly!

Heatin' up some leftover brats!

Heatin’ up some leftover brats!

About 2:00 pm Michael was chased inside when a relatively small thunderstorm passed through.  It rained pretty hard (and I swear I even saw a little hail) for about 10 minutes but then our blue skies came back and Michael was able to go back out and continue working. He was able to remove all of the flooring, cutting it into smaller pieces to make the removal more manageable.  Now he’ll just need to do some measuring and figuring out exactly what he’ll need and then on Monday we’ll drive over to Heartland to pick up the materials he’ll need.

Almost have all the flooring removed

Almost have all the flooring removed

Basement is no floorless

Basement is now floorless






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