Moving Day: Madison, WI To Goshen, IN

Posted by on June 6, 2013

After a decent nights sleep we woke up about 6:30 and were back on the road again at 7:20 am.  I was born and raised in Wisconsin and Michael and I spent about 19 years of our marriage in Wisconsin.  Our boys call Wisconsin home so it was nice to be back ‘home’.  Before we moved to Alabama in 2009 Madison was our stomping grounds as we lived in Dodgeville which is only about 45 – 50 miles away.

Trying to avoid tolls and too much Chicago traffic we kinda took the ‘back way’ through the remainder of Wisconsin.  Hitting US 12 east just south of Madison (taking 12 west would have taken us to our old hometown of Dodgeville!)  US 12 took us through beautiful, green farm country, while in Wisconsin. We followed 12 into Illinois and snaked our way down, around and through Chicago (oh the traffic!) along various roads.  We found quite a bit of rain along the way.  It started before we left Wisconsin and didn’t stop until we were about 1/2 through our lunch stop.

Wisconsin farmland

Wisconsin farmland

As we were driving the mess of Chicago we had several vehicles shout to us that we ‘lost something back there’.  When Michael was able to pull over he got out and found that we had lost the entire slide awning that had been ripped off while we were in El Paso in February.  Guess we won’t be having to repair that anymore…more like replace it.  :-/

The mess that is Chicago

The mess that is Chicago

Slide awning and all hardware...gone!

Slide awning and all hardware…gone!

We’ve been following I-90 since May 20th, while we were in Washington and today we left it just south of Madison, Wisconsin when we turned off on US-12.  That’s a lot of miles on the same road!  Goodbye, I-90, until we meet again.  A very sad day, indeed.

We stopped at a Blue Beacon in Lake Station, Indiana (not far off the IL/IN border) to have all the road grime of the last 2200 miles taken off the truck and coach.  Gotta have a nice and sparkly coach when you go to a rally!  While we were stopped we grabbed some grub (salads) and ate lunch in our recliners since it was still raining outside.  Total stop time was about an hour & 45 minutes.  We had to wait nearly 15 minutes to get in the wash rack so it wasn’t too bad.

Getting all gussied up to meet her relatives.

Getting all gussied up to meet her relatives.

The rest of the trip went pretty quickly.  As we came into Elkhart our path intersected with 2 of our friends that have been here in the area for a while now and they gave us a big salute with the ‘train horns’!  Thanks, Jay & Bernie!  

We pulled into our site at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds about 5:00 pm and were greeted with lots of hugs by the people already here to help get things ready for the rally.  The pre-rally starts on Tuesday the 11th while the actual rally doesn’t start until the 18th.  We chatted for over an hour until it was decided to head out for some dinner.  We convoyed in 5 different trucks (14 people total) to Applebees for dinner.  They have some great dinner deals – 2 entrees & and appetizer for either $20 or $24 depending on what entrees you choose.  We had a lot of laughs and before we knew it was 9:00 pm!  We said our ‘see ya in the morning’s’ and headed off to fill up with some diesel as we were dangerously low.

Set up in our pre-pre rally site - HH18

Set up in our pre-pre rally site – HH18

We got home shortly before 10:00 pm and Michael worked on getting the satellite dish up and running.  So while he’s working on that I’m finishing up today’s blog post.  However, I don’t know how far he’ll get cuz I can hear the men folk out there chattering away…Dave, Kevin, Roy…and if there’s talking to be done…Michael won’t get much work done!  Oh well….it’s good to be among our Heartland family again.


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