Crazy Windy & Rainy Day

Posted by on May 31, 2013

The wind started blowing like crazy about the time we got back home yesterday around 5:00 pm.  It continued all through the night and all day today.  To preserve our slide awnings we pulled all three slides in last night and only opened the door side one today.  We lost the door-side awning when we were in El Paso in February due to high winds and didn’t want to chance losing another.  Plus, the slides being out is like having wings…and what do things with wings do?  FLY!

Improvising...doing the dishes backwards because the off-door slide wasn't out.

Improvising…doing the dishes backwards because the off-door slide wasn’t out.

Due to the craziness of the wind and the threat of rain, which started about 10:00 am, we decided to stay at home and chill all day.  Watched some pre-recorded shows and movies on the DVR (Michael took the satellite dish down last night), surfed the internet, played some games and just relaxed (as much as you can when the wind is howling).



We are still very thankful that we chose the fireplace option when we ordered our coach!  It keeps us nice and toasty and since most sites we end up on have electric, it costs nothing more.  However, to run the furnace we’d have to use propane, which we use very little of.  We’ve needed to use the fireplace nearly everyday since we left Vancouver.

Hoping to get out tomorrow and do the site-seeing we want to do before we leave on Sunday.  Looks like the wind will calm down a bit tomorrow and the rain we take an exit.  Keep your fingers crossed!


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