Plumbing, Bubbles & Pasta

Posted by on April 30, 2013

Went over to Zack & Kelsea’s today so that Michael & Zack could look over the plumbing job that Zack did on their North Trail. Last fall he installed a new kitchen faucet and reworked the plumbing under the sink, adding PEX & brass fittings.  He hadn’t done much plumbing work and wanted Michael to check things out.  They found a couple of small leaks but quickly got them fixed.

Working on the plumbing.

Working on the plumbing.

Since they were working on plumbing they picked up a new bathroom faucet for Zack & Kelsea’s camper and they installed that in the bathroom.  I’ve been wanting a new bathroom faucet too, since the current one is so short you constantly bang your hands on the back of the sink when you wash your hands.  Michael picked a new one up from Lowe’s while they were there and will be installing it in our Landmark soon.

Zack & Kelsea's new faucet

Zack & Kelsea’s new faucet

While Papaw & Papa worked on the North Trail, Nana & Paityn played with bubbles outside!

Catching bubbles....

Catching bubbles….


Michael & Zack took our truck to pick up his North Trail from the storage facility to bring it back to the house.  Zack wanted to see the difference in pulling the camper with our F-350 vs his F-250 and he said there wasn’t much difference.  

Hooked up to the Northtrail...maybe we'll trade our Landmark in on one?  Not a chance!  We LOVE our Landmark

Hooked up to the North Trail…maybe we’ll trade our Landmark in on one? Not a chance! We LOVE our Landmark

When we’re together we’ve been trying to share the cooking duties so today I make dinner.  I made Cajun Chicken Pasta.  I altered things a bit as I used pork and added more veggies than the original recipe calls for.  I’d made it before and we enjoyed it again today as much as the first time.

Tomorrow we head to the Oregon coast for the day!

2 Responses to Plumbing, Bubbles & Pasta

  1. Erika Dorsey

    I really like that faucet! What brand and where purchased?

    • Kelly

      Hi Erika! The faucet was purchased at Lowe’s and its a Phister.

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