Down Time Is Good Time

Posted by on April 3, 2013

We took the day ‘off’ today so that we could catch our breath and work on a few projects.  My projects were mostly involving trip planning and Leisure Time Activities for the Heartland National Rally in June.  Michael worked on cleaning out his fresh water storage tote & replacing some water fittings that were developing some leaks.

Doing his 'man stuff'.

Doing his ‘man stuff’.

After posting about our new National Parks Passport book yesterday I got a message from our friend, Val, who let me know that there is an app for the Iphone (droids too!) that will help you find National Parks, notate those that you have been to, those that you want to visit and where you’ll find the cancellations at each park among other information.  If you’re interested in visiting National Parks try out this app…it’s great!  Thanks, Val!

I am amazed at the turnover here in the Grand Canyon Trailer Village, never seen anything like it!  Campers come and go every day and we continue to see LOTS of rental RVs here in the campground as well as all over the park itself.  We had 5 campers around us (1 on either side & 3 behind) leave this morning and by this evening 3 of those 5 spots were full again.  It would have been 4 but a big Class A tried to get into one of the sites but was too big so it moved elsewhere.

Michael got a call today from his old boss, 1LT Reeves, who told him how much they miss him at the unit and that things don’t run nearly as smoothly as they did when was at work.  I think that was a nice bit of news to fluff his tail feathers…it’s always nice to know that you’re missed.

Since it’s been a little on the chilly side here I threw a pot of Potato Soup on the stove for dinner.  As usual, we’ll now have several meals in the freezer for busy days!  We did reach a high of 64 today which was warmer than we’ve seen it since we got here….we actually had to open some windows as it got too hot inside the coach.

Simmering pot of soup...Yum!

Simmering pot of soup…Yum!

I was pleasantly surprised this evening as we watched The Walking Dead (episode 12 of season 3) when I looked outside and saw a deer walking around.  He was quite interested in a little girl of about 5…so much so that she walked right up to the little girl and sniffed her face.  There were 2 others off a ways but this one wasn’t afraid of anyone.  She was bigger overall and had bigger ears than the deer we had become friends with while in Canyon Lake last fall…it turns out these deer are Mule Deer – indigenous to the western US.  This is the first wildlife we’ve seen for a while so I’m hoping we see some more…elk would be good!

Oh my!  What big ears you have!

Oh my! What big ears you have!




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