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Posted by on March 25, 2013

The last few days have been restful…not doing much other than relaxing at home.  We’ll be leaving here Thursday, heading north with stops in the Sedona, Arizona area, the Grand Canyon, Moab, Utah, Ogden, Utah and then pushing on into Vancouver, Washington for the birth of our third grandbaby, Cameron.  Praying that he waits long enough for us to get there before he decides to make his entrance….his momma doesn’t think he’ll wait…keep your fingers crossed.

In preparation for our departure Michael washed the coach today.  Not sure when the next time we’ll be in a place we can wash it for a while so decided we’d take advantage now.

We attended Mass at St. James Catholic Church this past weekend.  Neither of us felt that anything in particular stood out with the church or the mass itself.  We’re still enjoying visiting a new church each week as it is interesting to see the differences in churches, priests etc.

Over the past few days of relaxation we’ve started watching the TV series ‘The Walking Dead‘.  Our son, Dan, recorded season 1 & 2 and part of season 3 (current season) for us and we’ve really enjoyed it so far.  We’ve completed all of season 1 at this point and will be starting season 2 soon!

Been trying to stay home and eat in rather than at restaurants lately.  I made some pork fried rice, chili, bbq ribs, beef kabobs, vegetable soup.  A couple of those dishes make a TON so we now have a full freezer for easy-go-to meals when we are on the road.  You can find the recipes for the dishes above that are highlighted…just click on the word and it will take you to the recipe.





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  1. Susan Magill

    That road north out of Sedona to Flagstaff has tight hairpin turns – let us know how your coach handles. Also, let us know where you stayed. We love Sedona and want to go back. A couple years ago, we took a road trip in the XLR. 5000 mile trip…it was awesome.

    • Kelly

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for the heads up on the road from Sedona to Flagstaff! We’re actually staying in Camping Verde while we are in the Sedona area…small park named Krazy K RV Park and while in the Grand Canyon we’ll be at The Grand Canyon Trailer Village.

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