Oil Change, Liquor Stock-Up & Patio Time

Posted by on March 20, 2013

This morning we had an appointment at Bell Ford to have an oil change and the fuel filter done on the truck.  We knew the appointment would take a while so we went prepared…me with my Kindle and Michael with his laptop.  They have a very nice waiting area…TV, tables, chairs, sofa etc along with a complimentary snack bar with bottled water, soda fountain, snacks etc.  We were impressed with the friendliness/helpfulness of the employees.  It would definitely be a place we would go back and recommend to others as well.  We were there about 3 hours (even deploying a few Munzee’s while we waited) and were nearly $300 poorer when we left…but with the life we live…it’s a necessary evil.

Michael chilling in the waiting area

Michael chilling in the waiting area

This afternoon we visited with our neighbors for a little while.  They’re from the Seattle area and have been here about a week longer than we have.  They’ll be leaving on Friday to start their trek back north.  This is their 5th year coming to the Phoenix area to visit friends.  Yesterday they filled the back of their truck with about $2500 worth of liquor!  Apparently it’s much cheaper to buy it here than back in Washington so they had lists from their friends and family to fill and will now deliver it when they get back home.  Wow!

Since it was such a nice day (low 80s) we sat outside on the patio and watched TV, surfed the internet & enjoyed some BBQ ribs for dinner.  We really enjoy our time out on the patio…why don’t we do it more often??

Michael also took the opportunity to finish fixing the underbelly.  He removed a piece of aluminum that was holding up the Coraplast on one end.  Then he used some galvanized slotted flat stock with a 90 degree bend in it to support the Coraplast using the original screws on one end and ended up needing two new screws on the other end.  If that darn underbelly comes down again…then we’ve REALLY got a problem!

Underbelly fix (3)



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