Relieved That We Didn’t Get Blown Away!

Posted by on February 21, 2013

The winds that started yesterday afternoon continued today, waking me about several times during the night and for good about 5:00 am this morning.  Laid in bed until about 6:00 when we finally got up for the day.  We were getting gusts at nearly 60 mph which shook the coach pretty darn good.  I expected to look out and see trailers toppled all over the place but everything was still standing.  Things finally calmed down by about 9:00 am, thankfully.

We spent the majority of the day watching the movies we picked up last night.  None of them being anything to rave about.

Mid-afternoon we took a drive to return 2 of the movies and while we were out we hunted down 3 Munzee‘s.  Unfortunately, only 1 of them was still in tact while the other 2 were no longer ‘capture-able’ – 1 had been removed and the other had been painted over.

Michael capturing today's only Munzee

Michael capturing today’s only Munzee

Something we’ve noticed since it’s been so windy is the taste of sand.  El Paso is kind of a deserty type area and with all this wind the sand has been whipping around and you can’t help but end up with it on your lips and in your mouth.  Don’t remember that from when we lived here all those years ago either.

When we got home we took a quick walk around the park and counted a total of 7 Heartland products (besides our Landmark) – 3 Sundances, 2 Big Horn‘s, 1 Greystone & 1 Cyclone.  None of the owners were home so we didn’t get a chance to meet any of them.  Ft. Bliss is the home of the Sergeant Major Academy so many of the people staying at the park are here to attend the school so we may not see many of them until the weekend.  Our walk didn’t last very long as it was pretty windy and kinda chilly at 40 degrees.

We’re gonna spend the rest of the night watching Taken 2….hoping it’s better than the last 3 we watched!

This view follows us all over!

This view follows us all over!


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