Empty Cross, Scrappy, F’Burg…But No Bats!

Posted by on February 12, 2013

Our morning started off nicely with a visit from Bette Dick (& Milo) and Jay Coffman, who both braved the hike down to the Goat Farm to visit us.  We discussed our plans for the day and decided on going into Fredricksburg with a couple of stops along the way.

Lou & Bette decided to drive along with us on our jaunt to F’burg.  Our first stop was at the Empty Cross which stands on a hilltop high above US-10.  There are gorgeous views from atop the hill and the Cross and the grounds around it which have several sculptures as well is pretty cool.  There is a table with free literature, decals, small New Testaments and a few full-sized bibles as well.


Mike & Lou inside the cross

One of the statues in the garden.  Check out that view!

One of the statues in the garden. Check out that view!

Our next stop was Scrappy the Deer, which is right on Fredericksburg Road (State Road 16).  Scrappy stands about 18 feet tall or so above the highway.  It was really kind of fun to stand below him and point out all of the different materials/items used to make him…screwdrivers, wrenches, scissors, tractor seats, bicycle seats, spark plugs, headlights, etc.

Posin' with Scrappy

Posin’ with Scrappy

We met 3 other couples (Beletti’s, Wolbeck’s & Evans’) at Andy’s for lunch in Fredericksburg and we all had one of the lunch specials which we all enjoyed.  After lunch we all went across the street to Opa’s Smoked Meats.  Several of us picked up some sausages or other meats to take home.  The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around downtown Fredericksburg which is full of all kinds of little shops.  Fredericksburg has done an excellent job of revitalizing their downtown area and its buildings.  We also found quite a few Munzee’s!



Hunting Munzee's

Hunting Munzee’s



Downtown Fredericksburg

Downtown Fredericksburg

We took a different way home (Old San Antonio Rd) in anticipation of a stop to see the Bat Tornado.  Unfortunately, the bats have all migrated and won’t be back until the end of March of so.  So as not to have a wasted trip Bette & I walked down to the bottom so that we could see the entire tunnel.  The tunnel is an old train tunnel that hasn’t been used since the 1940s and the bats have since taken up residence and every day at dusk millions of bats take flight.  I guess we’ll have to come back another time when the bats are in residence!

The Old Tunnel

The Old Tunnel


Betty doing her best bat impersonation

A good day spent with good friends!




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