Heartland Open House

Posted by on January 30, 2013

We received our first tickets for the Milwaukee Brewers spring training games this week!  We’ll be in Phoenix for a month so we plan to go to several games while we’re there.  Our son, Dan, and his family will be flying out for a few days while we’re there and we’ll be taking in several games with them while they’re there too.  Extra bonus:  Time with our 13 month old grandson, Alex!  31 days!

Take me out to the ballgame!

Take me out to the ballgame!

Yesterday we met a group of our Heartland friends (Coffman’s, Beletti’s, Hromek’s & Wolbeck’s) at Gonzalez Burger’s for round 2.  We couldn’t NOT go as the Beletti’s & Wolbeck’s hadn’t been there yet and we just had to be there to share their first experience with them.  Those that had already been there and had already learned their lesson…ordered 1 burger and split it with their partner.  Those who were experiencing Gonzalez Burgers for the first time had to learn a lesson and each got their own burgers….only 1 of the 4 finished the entire burger…Kevin.

The Wolbeck's, Coffman's & Hromek's

The Wolbeck’s, Coffman’s & Hromek’s

The Beletti's & Barnett's

The Beletti’s & Barnett’s

Jim B - was not able to conquer the Gonzalez burger.

Jim B – was not able to conquer the Gonzalez burger.

Today we went to the open house at Ron Hoover that was sponsored by Heartland.  The event was from 11 – 1 and there was a pretty nice turn out.  I didn’t count but there had to be upwards of 75 people.  We checked out the units that they had in the showroom (Landmark, Big Country & a Sundance), visited with our friends, enjoyed a free lunch of burgers & hotdogs and won a Heartland cup during the drawings for prizes!  Even though the event ended at 1:00 not everyone left that early and there were 8 of us that were there until 3:00 visiting.

A few of the early arrivers at the open house

A few of the early arrivers at the open house

Signing up for the drawings

Signing up for the drawings

A few of those that 'closed the place down'

A few of those that ‘closed the place down’

We figured we had better let Ron Hoover have their dealership back and decided to head over to Dairy Queen to enjoy a buy 1, get 1 free Blizzard and continue our conversations.  We shared a lot of stories and did a lot of laughing.  We have been so blessed to become a part of the Heartland family and meet such good friends.  We’ll be seeing most everyone Friday morning when we all meet to head over to Progresso, Mexico for the day.

The Coffman's, Tayloe's, Wolbeck's & Barnett's

The Coffman’s, Tayloe’s, Wolbeck’s & Barnett’s

The weather has changed quite a bit.  We had a high of 92 on Tuesday but it was so windy that we weren’t miserable by any means.  However, we did have to turn the a/c on the night before so that we were comfortable sleeping and it stayed on until we got home this evening.  I turned it off and opened a few windows as we only had a high in the low 70s (and windy!) today and we’re looking for a low around 50 tonight.  The next 10 days shows highs in the mid 70s to low 80s…perfect.  Now lets just hope that that’s correct!



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