Have You Lost Your Marbles??

Posted by on January 27, 2013

We went to mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe this morning.  We can both say that so far this is the church we’ve enjoyed the most since we’ve started our ‘different church every Sunday’ adventure.  Who wouldn’t enjoy a church where dogs are welcomed and walk in with the priest as he enters?  Or plays ‘Itty Bitty‘ by Alan Jackson during the offertory??  (the parish has adopted the song as their theme song)  The priest, Fr. Roy, was so down to earth and made mass fun and interesting…not a whole lot of priest out there do that.  The church is undergoing a HUGE renovation project so mass was in the parish hall…but it was still very nice with plenty of room for everyone.

Our Lady of Guadalupe - under construction

Our Lady of Guadalupe – under construction

Fr. Roy & his dogs

Fr. Roy & his dogs (I didn’t take this picture – I found it on the internet)

After church we drove over to Alamo, Texas to have lunch at The Original Willie’s BBQ.  We met Heartland friends, Kevin & Nelly & Jay & Stella.  Kevin & Nelly arrived in the RGV yesterday and are full-timers, as are Jay & Stella.  The food was AMAZING!  I got a baked potato with brisket and it was HUGE….3 potatoes in one I think…for $6.50.  Michael chose the brisket plate with 3 sides for $7.50 and being the brisket connoisseur that he is…LOVED it.  I think everyone was happy with their meals.  Michael and I also got a piece of chocolate cake to share and it, too, was excellent.  We had a really good time catching up with Kevin & Nelly (we hadn’t seen them since last January in Tampa) and we chatted for over 2 hours before we all went our separate ways.

The Original Willie's BBQ - Alamo, TX

The Original Willie’s BBQ – Alamo, TX

Check out the size of this potato!!  Talk about yummy!

Check out the size of this potato!! Talk about yummy!

Michael's brisket plate with pinto beans, macaroni & cheese & green beans

Michael’s brisket plate with pinto beans, macaroni & cheese & green beans

More Heartland friends!

More Heartland friends!

Since we were fairly close to the Don-Wes Flea Market we drove over there to pick up 3 sets of marbles and 12 decks of double joker playing cards to go with the Jokers boards that Michael plans to make for us and our sons & their wives.  Shhh…don’t let them know though as it will be for an early Christmas gift.  We ended up running into Kevin & Nelly at the Flea Market and chatted for a few minutes before we went our separate ways again.

Ready to play some 'Jokers'!

Ready to play some ‘Jokers’!

We made one more pit stop at HEBplus to pick up a few ingredients for the dish I’ll be making tomorrow for our Heartland Meet & Greet.  We were home just before 5:00 pm and thought about sitting out on the patio for a while but it’s pretty windy so we just went inside and enjoyed the breeze with the windows opened.


3 Responses to Have You Lost Your Marbles??

  1. Donna Rogers

    Glad you enjoyed Fr. Roy. Not sure if it was at our suggestion or not since I didn’t hear back from you. The Shrine, even for just a visit inside and out, is a thing to do if you don’t mind missing the Mariachi Mass.

  2. Kelly

    Hi Donna – I did reply to you via our blog but if you didn’t check the box below that says ‘notify me of follow-up comments via email’ you may not have gotten the reply.

    We had already decided to go to mass at OLG before you posted but your description clinched it. I think we’d like to go to the shrine for mass. What’s the name of the shrine?

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