Sight-Seeing, Lunch & Another Trip Around the Bay

Posted by on January 11, 2013

We had another beautiful sunny day here yesterday!  We took advantage of it by doing a little more sight-seeing and then driving to Fulton, Texas to enjoy our last meal with the Winter Texans here in the Coastal bend area.

Our first stop was at a Roadside America find(actually all of our stops today were due to Roadside America)…the Car Buying Sculpture.  Sculpted in 1984 by Danny O’Dowdy and titled ‘For Sale’ we thought it was pretty cool.  The sculpture is a man kicking the tires and a woman peering through the front window of a car with a ‘for sale’ sign in its window.

Michael becoming ‘one’ with the sculpture

Next was a statue of Jesus in a Boat entitled ‘It is I’.  The statue stands in front of the First United Methodist Church in Corpus Christi.  The church and statue overlook the sea giving off a peacefulness of sorts.  The statue is 35 feet tall or so and is hard to miss.

‘It is I’

The flower garden below the statue…Michael thought our Wisconsin friends would enjoy this!

Next we drove about a 1/2 mile down Shoreline Boulevard and parked the truck to hunt for our next ‘treasure’.  The approximate address on Roadside America had us about 3 blocks south of where we needed to be…and we ended up asking where the statue was located.  It was all good as we enjoyed our walk along the bay.  When we finally found the statue of  ‘Selena’.  Selena was an up & coming Latin singer who had been named the top Latin artist of the 90s when at age 23, she was murdered by the president of her fan club.

The view along the Corpus Christi Bay…

Hunting for ‘Selena’

The Selena Memorial is situated along the Corpus Christ bay

Rubbing Selena’s butt is supposed to bring good luck…so of course Michael had to give it a try!

Next on the agenda was visiting the South Texas Music Walk of Fame… similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame but the honorees all hail from South Texas.  Situated in a little walk through cul-de-sac area surrounded by businesses it was pretty cool.  We stopped and lounged in some beach chairs for a while since it was so nice out.  Not sure if you’d know any of the honorees?  How about Freddy Fender?  Kris Kristopherson?  Christopher Cross?  Billy Haley? Or my favorite…Michael Nesmith from the Monkees!?

Each year in the first part of June 6 stars are added to the Walk of Fame

Freddy Fender

Michael Nesmith

Chillin’ on the South Texas Music Walk of Fame

Our next stop was The Texas Surf Museum which is along the Walk of Fame.  Neither Michael or I know anything about surfing but we thought it would be interesting to check out the museum…and since it was free…it was an added bonus!  The museum is set up in an old surf shop and we really enjoyed ourselves.  It was fun to see the evolution of the surf boards from what they were in the 1940s to present day.  The boards are displayed so that you can touch them and feel the differences…with little write ups about who made them and where they came from.  If you’re in the area…both these places are a great stop.

A few of the boards on display

This board was made by a teenager in the 40s…just a little bit different from the average board it was covered with canvas.

The Heartland Winter Texans got together for lunch in Fulton.  We were supposed to meet at Hammerheads but when we got there we found that they were closed due to electricity issues so we walked the short distance to the Moon Dog.  We had 12 for lunch and enjoyed chatting with new friends Jim & Pat Doggett & Joe & Anne Maxwell along with several other Heartlanders we were already acquainted with.  It’ll be a few weeks before our next Heartland get together…  🙁

The ride from Corpus Christi to the other side of the bay is gorgeous!

Hammerheads – the intended lunch spot

Moon Dog – where we had lunch

The lunch crew

Michael’s – Parmesan encrusted grouper

Kelly’s – brisket tacos & sweet potato fries

After lunch Michael and I walked north a little bit to where all the oyster & shrimp boats bring the catch.  There were several semis and a lot of pick ups parked, waiting to pick up their fish for the day.  I wanted to see the oysters being unloaded from the boats but only saw the end results….LOTS of oysters in burlap bags on pallets waiting to be taken away….and TONS of opened oyster shells piled high and/or used for the driveway of one area establishments.  Next time we’ll be there to see the whole process!

Bags full of oysters straight from the bay!

Piles of opened oysters

Driveway made of oyster shells! Cool stuff!

On our way back to the Naval Station we drove by the park that we originally had reservations for a months stay, Drifters RV Resort.  Our friends Lee & Linda McClure are staying there so we drove by their place to take a peek at their flamingo laden yard even though we knew they were on their way to Austin for a few days.  Michael also wanted to drive down Padre Island again (and take the ferry) rather than drive through Corpus Christi.  The ferry is a fun ride and the drive down Padre Island is nice and peaceful.

The McClure’s homestead.

Waiting for the ferry to get going…

The view of Port Aransas from the ferry

Meeting another ferry crossing the bay

Our time here in the Coastal Bend is quickly coming to an end.  We leave for Mission on Monday but have already decided we’d like to come back to this area another time.


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