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Woke up to the start of sunshine this morning!  We haven’t seen the sun since we left Vancouver….how strange is that??  As the day went on it got even more sunny and warmed up to 65ish!  This is why we’re in south Texas!  Oh yeah!

The ‘hood’

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and walked down to the pier and around the RV Park.  There were several people out fishing and we spoke with a couple of them to find out what they’re fishing for.  Although the only thing that was caught while we were there was a small Perch, they told us that they were looking for Red Drum, Black Drum, Sand Trout, Spec Trout and Flounder.  It was beautiful out on the pier…sunny with a little breeze…it was hard to leave.

Walking down the pier


Looking back down the pier toward the RV park

Witnessed this little being caught and thrown back

As we walked through the park there were several people out washing their coaches.  We knew that there was a Big Horn & a Cyclone a row over from us but didn’t realize that there is also an ElkRidge on the same row as those…just a few spots down!  We didn’t get a chance to talk with any of them but we’ll have to take our Heartland cards over and introduce ourselves as there are no owners plaques on any of the rigs.

Our cousins: Big Horn & ElkRidge

There are LOTS of jack rabbits around the park!  We’ve also been told that there is a coyote that comes around about 7 or 8 in the morning too….we’ll have to keep an eye out for him!  Might have to put some carrots out for the rabbits…but don’t think I’ll be feeding the coyote!

Oh my! What big ears you have!

Can you find all 9 jack rabbits in this photo? There were 16 (that I could count) in the area.

We noticed a bunch of small hills all around the park a couple of days ago and investigated today.  Still not sure what they are…ant hills, someone doing some kind of drilling or some other kind of animal dwelling?

Anybody know what these are, for sure?

Next to the park at the very tip of the point that we’re on is what Michael believes is an ammunition supply point.  There are several buildings and 6 or 7 (maybe more) ‘hills’ that more than likely contain ammunition (airplane bombs & small arms stuff).  The area is fenced off, of course, so we can’t get close enough to really investigate.  Just thought it was another interesting tidbit.

The ammunition supply point viewed from the pier

A little bit closer shot

I’m trying all kinds of new recipes this month…get tired of the same old thing…ya know?  Today’s new dish is Stuffed Pepper Soup (click on the name and it’ll take you to the recipe).  The soup turned out very good….but more like a ‘stoup’ (soup but thick like a stew) to quote Rachel Ray.  The rice kind of sucks up most of the liquid so it will definitely need to have more liquid added when we have it for the second go-round in a couple of weeks.

We tried a new dish yesterday but I didn’t take any pictures!  I’ll be sure to document with pictures next time.  Anyway…the dish was Crescent Chicken (click on the name for the recipe) and it was very good…good enough for Michael to say it was a keeper…if he says it’s a keeper I know we have a winner.





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