Without Issues? Never! But We LOVE Our Life!

Posted by on January 5, 2013

We got some running around down today.  We had our mail forwarded to the General Delivery address here in Corpus Christie.  There is only one post office that accepts General Delivery mail and it’s about 20 miles from here so we incorporated a visit to ‘The Demon’ sculpture which was only a mile from the post office.  The Demon Sculpture was something I found on Roadside America.  It seems that he used to decorate an amusement park ride and was purchased and moved to TX in 1995.

The Demon

We headed back to base to do our grocery shopping since our refrigerator and freezer were completely empty.  We now have a fully stock freezer & fridge again!

The Commissary here at Corpus Christi Naval Air Station – on the smaller side

While driving around base we saw a group of guys walking in the middle of the road escorting a ‘partial’ helicopter that Michael thought was a ‘Blackhawk’.  It was something you don’t see every day so we thought it was interesting.  We found since we’ve been here that this is a training base for Navy pilots.


One of the first things we saw yesterday when we arrived on base was a McDonald’s….which is quite unusual.  Nearly every base or post we’ve ever been on has a Burger King if nothing else….never a McDonald’s.  We commented to the woman who checked us in at the parked about it and she said that they were supposed to be closing by January 5th and she wasn’t surprised because it was well-known that they had horrible food and service.  Hmmm

An unusual site on a military base…

We now have a freezer full of ice!  But what would life be if that was the end of our issues???  We noticed yesterday when we got here that the fan in the bathroom was open.  Michael turned it on to close it and it wouldn’t shut all the way!  It was pretty chilly in the bathroom last night and this morning with it open!  Michael got up on the roof this morning to see if something was obstructing the motion and preventing it from closing but found nothing.  He currently has it taped shut so it’s not quite as cold in there now.  He called the company to trouble shoot the issue and they thought it was the actuator mechanism (or something like that) and they needed the serial number from inside the fan.  Back up on the roof he went to remove the fan to get the number.  He wasn’t able to reach them again today to give them the number but will call next week and hopefully get the new part sent to us in Mission.  Michael installed the Maxxfan back in March after purchasing it from Tweety’s and it has a 2 year warranty so we shouldn’t have any issues getting the part to fix it.

Braving 90-mile an hour winds & -30 degree windchills!

It has been pretty darn windy here today!  We woke up and the back window of the coach was mist covered from the spray of the waves in the bay!  I woke up at 5:30 and had a very hard time getting back to sleep do to all they swaying.  It’s still windy but it has gotten better than it was earlier.

View of the pounding surf from the living room window

and a little closer view




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  1. Angela Bonanno

    Great post!

  2. deelebe

    -30 degree wind chills? Are you sure you are in TX and not MN?

  3. Kelly

    LOL – That would be Michael’s estimates….he’s a bit of a wuss!

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