Waterfalls, Mountains & Burgers

Posted by on December 30, 2012

We’ve had such a wonderful time with our boys and their families but time is running short.  Dan, Amanda & Alex fly out early tomorrow morning – heading back to Long Island.  Then we’ll only have 2 more nights left here with Zack, Kelsea & Paityn.  However, we’re missing our coach a little so we’ll be ready when the time comes…as I’m sure Zack & Kelsea will be ready to have their home back to normal.

Michael & Zack worked on a couple of  projects on Zack’s North Trail today.  Zack’s batteries have been running down to nothing so he installed a battery disconnect switch , which should help with that problem.  While Zack worked on that issue Michael installed a new door handle to the screen door (purchased from Camping World – click here to get one for yourself!  We installed one on our coach and Zack liked it so much he decided he wanted one too…Christmas gift!

Reattaching the door opener after removing it so that he could remove the screen door to attach the door handle

Newly installed screen door cross-bar

Zack had a little trouble getting the screws into the camper frame but finally prevailed…

Finished product!

While the boys watched the Packer game Kelsea took Michael and I over to the Vancouver RV Park so that we could check it out.  We’ll be here with the coach from April 20 – May 18 for the birth of our 3rd grandchild!  Amanda rode with us so that she could see the sites….it was a super sunny day (which for this area us quite uncommon)…so we actually got to see Mt. Hood & Mt. St. Helens!

Our ‘tentative’ site at Vancouver RV Park – site 133

Mt. Hood – in the foreground is the US Army Reserve Center where Zack works.

Mt. St. Helens – it’s faint but if you look midway on the right hand side you should be able to see it. This is the high side…the other side was blown away when it erupted in 1980

Yesterday we took a drive to see Multnomah Falls.  Wow!  Talk about beautiful!  It was a bit on the chilly side but we bundled up the babies and walked up to the bridge for an even better view.  Just a 1/4 of a mile down the road there is another smaller water fall, Wahkeena Falls,  that we stopped at to get a few pictures too.

The gorgeous mountain side around the  Multnomah Falls

A sneak peek of the falls over the top of the lodge

The whole gang

The view across the highway from the falls

Wahkeena Falls

Since our family has grown to a total of 8 (soon to be expanding more!) we had to take 2 vehicles to visit the falls….the girls in one car and the boys in another.  We used walkie talkies to communicate…but had to keep asking Dan to take the walkies away from Zack & Mike as one wanted to comment on everything and the other thought we were all soldiers and were on some kind of mission!

The boys vehicle ahead on the road

After our trek to the falls everyone was pretty darn hungry so decided to try a local burger chain that none of us had tried yet.  Burgerville is a chain in Oregon & southwest Washington and reminded us all of Culver’s which is a burger chain in the midwest states.  Michael really enjoyed the burger as they are made very well-done…but I like mine a little less done…but it was still ok.  The fries and chocolate malt were excellent!


Burger & fries



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