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Posted by on December 27, 2012

Just a brief ‘check-in’ to let you know that we’re doing well.  Our youngest son, his wife and their 1 year old son arrived from Long Island, New York late Christmas Eve night.

We had a wonderful Christmas with all 8 of us together again.  It was especially nice to spend it with our 23 month old granddaughter and 12 month of grandson.  Watching them open gifts (which they both do VERY well) was the highlight of the day.

Santa brought Paityn a kitchen and she and Alex have been having a ball playing with it

Before opening gifts…

…and after

Zack made a smoked brisket for Christmas day dinner and it turned out great.  The rub he used was a little on the spicy side but the flavor of the meat was perfect!

Smoking the brisket….poor Zack had to deal with a rainy, drizzly day while cooking the brisket

Yummy beef brisket!

We’ve played LOTS of games and will continue to until we all go our separate ways next week.  We’ve played ‘Dominion’, ‘Sheedpshead’, ‘Spades’, ‘Rummikub’ and ‘9-Hole Golf’.  So far everyone has won at least 1 game of something….which is nice….but don’t think that that means that there hasn’t been any whining or complaining…there’s always PLENTY of that!

Game time!

The girls played a friendly game of ‘Rummikub’….

….while the boys played a game of ‘Madden 2013…

….while Michael supervised all

Last night we went to a small hibachi restaurant just down the street from Zack & Kelsea’s home called Osaka House.  It was a very pleasant surprise!  There was only 1 chef working and there were 2 other large tables when we arrived so we had a little bit of a wait until he got to us…but the food was worth the wait as it was VERY good…plus the chef was very personable…something we haven’t experienced at a hibachi restaurant for quite a while.

Ready for dinner!


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