1st Birthday, BBQ & Babysitting

Posted by on December 20, 2012

Happy, Happy 1st Birthday, to our most favorite little guy, Alex!  Alex turns 1 today and in 4 days his Nana will be loving on him!!  (and if his Papa is nice to his Nana…I might even share a little bit!)  Thanks to modern technology we were able help celebrate Alex’s birthday with him!  Via Skype we watched him open his gifts, sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and watched him eat his cake!  This lucky little boy may live in New York and his family lives far away but with two laptops set up to Skype he was able to have his mama & daddy, 4 grandparents, an aunt & an uncle and 1 cousin at his ‘birthday party’!  It was wonderful!

Alexander Daniel Barnett – 1-year-old today

Paityn & Alex celebrating Alex’s birthday

I was up at 5:00 am this morning and everyone else started stirring about 6:45.  Michael, Kelsea, Paityn and I were out the door just about 7:30 am.  Michael and I drove Kelsea to work so that we could use her car to finish our Christmas shopping.  Before dropping Kelsea off we stopped at KinderCare and dropped Paityn off at school.  Her teacher, Miss Kim, gave us a warm greeting while settling Paityn at the breakfast table with several other kids.

Miss Kim greeting Paityn at school this morning

Kelsea’s place of employment – Applied Motion Systems

Zack is on a 1/2 day schedule for the holidays so he met us at Goldie’s BBQ for lunch.  Michael and I had picked Kelsea up from work so that we could all be together.  We were quite surprised at how good the bbq was as it’s a little until common to find good bbq other than in Texas or a few other southern states.   Come to find out the owner is originally from Houston, so that explained a lot!  I told the owner that we were here visiting from Texas and we were hoping his bbq would measure up…and it did!  He even brought over some pork ribs for us to try too! Great food and great service…both very hard to find these days!

The U.S. Army Reserve Center where Zack works

Goldie’s BBQ

Beef brisket w/mild sauce

After lunch Kelsea went back to work and Zack took us over to see their new Northtrail travel trailer.  Unfortunately, the cold and rain prevented us from really enjoying seeing it but it really is very nice…and big!  Here’s to many years of camping fun!

Our Landmark’s baby sister…the Northtrail

When we got home the box that we sent here from Texas arrived.  It contained Christmas gifts and our clothes..and coats!  We were quite thankful to see that it had arrived as we were told it would take a week to 2 weeks which we thought was just a good way of covering their hiney’s as anything else we’ve ever sent has taken a week.

Our clothes (& gifts) arrived today! Whew!

I spent the afternoon wrapping some Christmas gifts while Zack worked on a Christmas project,  Michael helped me put everything in boxes and also helped Zack with his project.

Zack mentioned that he’d been invited to his company commander’s home for a get together this evening but turned them down since we were here.  I told him that if he and Kelsea wanted to go…they should.  Michael and I had no problem watching Paityn while they were out as we were just going to relax anyway.  Since they’re away from family it’s not often that they get to go out as adults and leave Paityn with family and know that she’ll be well taken care of…so they decided to take us up on our offer.  Nana & Papaw had a great time spending alone time with Paityn.

Paityn & Papaw playing

Nana & Paityn watching ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’


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