Moving Day: Canyon Lake, TX to ExploreUSA-San Antonio

Posted by on December 18, 2012

We had a busy weekend getting the coach ready for us to be gone for 2 weeks.  While I took care of inside chores (laundry, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the bathroom, mirrors, & TV screens) Michael washed the coach and took extra effort on the roof and finally got rid of ALL of the Spanish moss we’ve been carrying with us since we left Ft. Toulouse back in September!  Now the house will be nice and clean for our return on January 3rd!

Before heading out this morning we decided to go out for breakfast at a place we’d driven by several times, Granny D’s.  Our food looked great when delivered but it lacked in the flavor category.  Too bad.  Michael ordered eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, toast & pancakes.  His eggs were sunny side up rather than over medium and his pancake (huge as it was) was so dense it was close to eating a piece of cake.  I ordered the chicken fried steak, eggs, home fries and toast.  My eggs were fine but the chicken fried steak was probably the worst I’ve ever had…not inedible but not good.

My breakfast…took a picture of Michael’s too…but it disappeared!

Before leaving for breakfast we had everything ready to go except unhooking the electric and hooking the truck to the coach which took no time to do when we got back.  Eight deer & Abby stopped by to see us off and we were on the road before 11:00 am.

We arrived at ExploreUSA in San Antonio just before noon and had to wait to drop of the coach until 1:00 pm when everybody was back from lunch, which we knew about and were fine with.  The weather was gorgeous at 75 degrees and we just relaxed in the truck with the windows down.  We’ll be picking the coach up on January 3rd when we come back from Washington and we’ll have a new ice maker that actually makes ice!  Woohoo!

Our baby….being left behind

Next stop was the Lackland AFB Urgent Care so that Michael could have his back checked again.  It’s been bothering him again and he was almost out of pain pills and didn’t want to get to our sons and not have any in case he needed them.  We ended up there for 2.5 hours…they did and xrat and found no abnormalities and said that the next step was an MRI.  They gave him a new prescription for his pain pills and a prescription for a muscle relaxer so he’ll be covered, just in case.

Lackland AFB Urgent Care

We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed to The Gateway Villa on Lackland AFB where we had reserved a room for the night.  For $53.25 a night its a nice room with  living room/kitchen, bedroom & bathroom   We have to be up at 4:00 am so that we can get to the airport, park the truck, go through security and be on our flight that leaves at 6:30 am!



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  1. Nan and Paul Lineen

    Hope you guys have a great holiday with the family. Travel safe and see ya in the valley!!

    • Kelly

      Hey Nan! Thanks for the comment! Our time with family has begun and so far it’s wonderful and I can only expect it to get better! See you next month!

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