Errands, Gruene District & Dinner

Posted by on December 12, 2012

Our time here at Canyon Lake is winding down but I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re back in this area again as we’ve both enjoyed it here.  We’ll be leaving here Tuesday and taking the coach to ExploreUSA in San Antonio and then flying to Vancouver, Washington on Wednesday.

We’ve had some nice relaxing (albeit cold!) days recently.  Still feeding the deer and the cat.  Watching lots of Christmas movies and TV shows.  We’ve been getting down into the 20s the last few nights and only getting highs in the mid to upper 50s.  Today was a little warmer with a high of about 60 or so and it’s only supposed to get down to 35ish tonight.  Poor fireplace has been working overtime!

Abby making herself comfy

Feeding the flock

Yesterday we decided to take a drive to find the other end of that road we mentioned in our post on Saturday.  It seems that perhaps a lot of people at one time or another had the same thoughts that we did as there is a gate on the beginning of the road as it is a ‘private drive’ and we weren’t able to drive on it.  Bummer!

The road we saw on Saturday – not the best picture but it comes straight down the BIG hill and stops about 1/2 way down.

Our disappointment… 🙁

While we were out we decided to pick up our last bag of ice!  When we come back from Washington we should (knock on wood!) have a working ice maker again!  We’ve been messing with this ice maker issue since July!

Hoping to NOT have visit one of these for quite some time!

As we were leaving the ice machine we happened to see a thrift store clothing drop box…and we just so happened to have 3 bags of clothes in the back of the truck that we planned to take into New Braunfels but this made it much more convenient!

Yay for convenience!

Today we drove into New Braunfels to pick up a few things at Walmart, mail a couple of packages to our sons and have dinner in the Gruene District.  We also filled up on diesel as it was $3.40 per gallon at Walmart.

Historic Buildings of the Gruene District. The general store is pretty cool with souvenirs, jams, jellies, salsas, old time candy, a soda fountain, home-made fudge etc.

Gruene Hall built is 1878 is believed to be one of the oldest dance halls in Texas!

We had dinner at the Gristmill River Restaurant (another recommendation from our friend Lee M.).  The restaurant is set in the old Greune Gristmill and is absolutely gorgeous.  It sits on a hill overlooking the Guadalupe River, has indoor and outdoor seating and even if you sit inside the whole side of the building facing the river is made up of super tall french-like doors that can be opened so that you’re basically sitting outside anyway.  We both ordered the bacon wrapped filet and they were seasoned just right.  Michael’s wasn’t cooked quite enough but the server was very good about taking it back to have it cooked a little more and when it came back it was perfect.  We had a nice leisurely dinner before heading back home to relax in front of the fire.

The Gristmill River Restaurant

Some of the outdoor seating overlooking the river


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