Meet Abby

Posted by on December 7, 2012

We’ve been enjoying a quiet couple of days at home.  Ahhhh….

Wednesday night was our first night sleeping on our new Sleep Number mattress.  We both set our sides to 50…however, neither of us was happy with our nights sleep.  My back, shoulders and hips ached most of the night and Michael’s back bothered him most of yesterday.

Last night we both adjusted our sides of the mattress…Michael went up to 60 and I moved down to 45.  I slept pretty good and will leave my number at 45 again tonight and see how it goes.  Michael is going to leave his setting alone tonight as well…his lower back is better but his upper back is now sore.  So we’ll see…

Wednesday night we were visited by a grey & white striped cat…that we found sleeping in one of our lounge chairs yesterday morning.  She was so sweet that and continued to hang out in our yard, in the chair or on our steps that I had to feed her some ham while I made lunch yesterday…and a little milk to wash it down with.  She was still here this morning…waiting for us to get up.  Of course, I had to open a can of tuna for her.  She likes for us to pet her but isn’t interested in being picked up and cuddled.  She had to have a name…can’t just call her cat…so she is Abigail…Abby….Abby-Ca-Dabby.


Abby & a deer staring each other down…actually I think the deer was checking out Abby’s food but she wasn’t having it

This afternoon we got into the basement to take out a tote full of gifts out so that we could get them ready to send to Washington for Christmas.  I try to shop throughout the year and we put those things we buy during the year in a tote in the basement.  While we were down there we also grabbed a few ‘winter’ clothes and our coats as we’ll be needing warmer clothes while we’re in Washington for 2 weeks for the holidays.  We each have 2 totes with ‘seasonal’ clothes that we store in the basement as well.

Going through the totes in the basement

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