Taking A Breather And A Few Facts

Posted by on November 30, 2012

After our busy, eventful day yesterday we took the time to relax today.  We relaxed in our recliners most of the day, I never even got out of my jammies!  I did some planning for our outing tomorrow, Brewers Spring Training, did some blogging and some other odds and ends.

I threw the fixin’s in the crock pot for Beef & Broccoli this morning and we had a nice dinner with little hassle involved.  I served the beef & broccoli over rice, of course, and added a side of diced peaches and our meal was complete.

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A few facts about you, our readers:

We’ve had readers from:  The US, Canada, The Philipines, Austria, Greece & India just to name a few

The state with the most readers:  Michigan!

Average daily readers:  70 views

Our busiest day:  November 29, 2012 with 263 views




4 Responses to Taking A Breather And A Few Facts

  1. Thomas. Barnett

    Love you guys keep it up. We are definitely a big fans of your blog

    The Tom and Val show

  2. John Krussow

    Hi Kelly and Michael,
    Follow you daily but comment only when I need to say something stupid. For whatever reason I cannot login using my Facebook account as before; it’s been doing that since you switched to the new server.

    See you two down the road.

  3. Kelly

    Ahhh…I’ll have to ask Dan about that…but I’m sure it’s because we’re on his server. Sorry about that!

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