Canyon Dam & A New Bed

Posted by on November 26, 2012

We received our first shipment from Express Scripts yesterday.  Everything went very smoothly.  After seeing a doctor in San Antonio to write out our prescriptions so that we could mail them in, Express Scripts got them entered into their system and then mailed our prescriptions to us at on address here in Canyon Lake.  Now we’ll just need to request a refill a few weeks before our 3 month supply runs out.  We also learned that if we are near a military treatment facility we can have the prescriptions still filled there too as Express Scripts and the military treatment facilities work on the same system and can both track our prescriptions…nice!

Today we drove into Canyon Lake to pick up our General Delivery mail at the post office.  We’d been expecting an envelope from our mail forwarding service, MyDakotaAddress, and it was there.  We’d had quite a bit accumulating while we were gallivanting from Canton, Texas to Thackerville, Oklahoma to Ft. Hood, Texas to here…but now we’re all caught up.  I can not say enough good things about , Terri, at MyDakotaAddress…she is always on the ball and super-duper prompt!

A quick 30 minute trip to the post office and back turned into a 2 hour detour!  On our way home I was checking out the colors in the trees and suddenly saw a big grassy slope off in the distance and Michael said it was a dam.  We decided to turn around and check it out and boy were we glad we did!  Turns out that it was the Canyon Dam…and earthen dam according to Michael’s military schooling.  LOL  There’s a walkway along the top of the dam that is .8 miles long and provides some awesome views of Canyon Lake on one side and Canyon City on the other.  There’s also a gorgeous ‘park’ with benches beneath a bunch of beautiful shade trees to relax on while you enjoy the view.

The Canyon Dam from the non-water side

How about that for a view? This was taken from sitting on one of the park benches.

The perfect place for a few quiet moments

The ‘dam’ road with a view of Canyon City and the cool Texas Hill Country in the background

The mouth of the Guadalupe River. Canyon Lake fills into the Guadalupe right here.

Don’t ask me how…but apparently this is how the water from the lake is transferred through the dam to the Guadalupe River.

What a glorious way to spend an afternoon…

These beautiful bluffs reminded me a lot of my native Wisconsin Dells

Michael woke up this morning with back issues.  He has degenerative disc disease and has problems now and again.   The mattress that came with the coach was fine at first but after 18 months of sleeping on it it has deteriorated pretty badly.  There are 2 distinct indentations where we sleep.  We’ve known for some time that we were going to have to invest in a new mattress but put it off because they are so darn costly.  With Michael’s latest bout of back pain and an internet sale on Sleep Number beds at Camping World the decision was pretty much made for us.  The Sleep Number RV Premiere Bed was on sale for $999.00 with $9.00 shipping – giving us nearly an $800 savings.  Hopefully, this will help with his back and last for lots and lots of years.  Stay tuned for installation posts!


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    Those are some nice dam pictures.

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