Movies, Burgers, Corn & Shades

Posted by on November 23, 2012

We had a very nice Thanksgiving and hope you all did too!

4 years ago when Michael was first stationed in Montgomery, Alabama and we didn’t have any family nearby we decided to start a new tradition.  We went to dinner at Ryan’s and went to see 2 movies…what 2 movies I couldn’t tell you.  But that has now become a tradition and we both look forward to it.

Yesterday we kept with tradition and went to see ‘The Life of Pi‘ and ‘Lincoln‘.  They were both good movies but I think ‘Lincoln’ was the better of the two.  ‘The Life of Pi’ takes place mostly in a small boat on the sea and if you are prone to motion sickness I suggest you take something before seeing the movie.  I was sick through most of the movie and had to sit with my eyes closed and just listen to much of it.  Ugh!  The seats in this particular theater are not the most comfortable…they seem to slope forward making you feel like you’re going to slip out of the seat.  My seat during ‘Lincoln’ seemed to be even worse than the seat before and I was pretty uncomfortable throughout the movie.  I guess it just wasn’t my day for movies!

We had our Thanksgiving day meal at Golden Corral and enjoyed it.  We were both plenty full when we left and headed back home to relax in our recliners.  We had planned to do our grocery shopping at Walmart after dinner – but couldn’t find it!

Today we headed in to Canyon Lake/Sattler to pick up groceries and make a stop at Kanz Feed & Seed to pick up some deer corn.  Now that we have pets we decided we’d better feed them.  This morning we were visited by 3 does and a small spike that we fed a few carrots.  Michael even got to feed one by hand.  The deer visit off and on through out the day – it’s awesome!

Our smallest buck. So far we’ve seen 2 8-pointers, a 6-pointer, a 4-pointer and this spike.


She’s closing in….

She even got brave enough to eat from Michael’s hand.

While we were in town we stopped at a local place for lunch.  Country Girlz Burger Barn is a small place serving burgers, sandwiches, bbq & tacos.  It’s a very causal place with a few picnic tables outside and about 6 tables inside a screened in porch.  The staff who were there were SUPER friendly and our waitress was wearing a Milwaukee Brewers shirt!  We each had a cheeseburger.  Michael had fries with his and I had mozzarella sticks – everything was very good and we’d definitely go back.  Everything is cooked fresh as you order it and it was very good.  They had us each try a deep-fried Oreo and we were impressed by how good they were.

Country Girlz Burger Barn

Tuesday evening when I pulled down my bedside window shade it snapped – a common occurrence with these type of shades.   Luckily, Michael still had some of the cord that he purchased earlier this year when the hall shade pooped out.  He used what was left fixing my bedside shade today and ordered 300 feet from to have on hand when/if more of the shades break.



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