Ready, Set….Campfire!

Posted by on November 21, 2012

Another nice quiet day here in Texas Hill Country.  We did take another drive into Canyon Lake to the Post Office so that Michael could mail the monitor for our TPMS as one of the buttons isn’t working properly.  We would highly recommend Truck Systems Technologies, where we ordered our unit from.  They have been more than helpful in every aspect – in ordering, replacing a wrongly ordered unit and now in replacing a defective unit.

We also stopped to pick up some wood so that we can enjoy some campfires while we’re here.  The weather is perfect for it and we’ve received the ‘OK’ to burn in our fire pit.  Michael cleaned out the pit this afternoon as it was pretty full of ashes.

Getting the firing started….

We had ‘lupper’ today about 3:00 pm, outside on the patio while we watched TV and once again enjoyed visits from a new herd of deer.  Today’s herd has an 8-point buck as well, but his rack is much bigger and the bottom prongs are much closer together and those on yesterday’s buck.  ‘Lupper’ was some very yummy Cheesy Potato Soup that I simmered for a few hours and allowed all the flavors to mingle.  It was so good we both had seconds!

Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Today’s 8-point buck…isn’t he beautiful??

a few members of his harem

A couple of the younger does scuffling over food territory

After dinner we met our neighbors, Alvin, Susanne & Chloe.  They live near San Antonio, where Alvin retired from Randolph AFB in 2003.  They’ve been feeding the deer and Susanne fed one of the does from her hand and had me do the same!  It was so cool!  Gotta get some corn so we can continue to feed them when our neighbors leave…however, today I fed them with tortilla chips!  The herd this evening had a small 6-point buck with them.

Too, too cool!

6-point buck

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