A Change In Plans Can Be Good!

Posted by on November 18, 2012

Our original plan for today was to get together with Michael’s nephew and his family.  They live near Waco and we were going to meet in Temple.  Plans fell through and they weren’t able to meet with us.  So the plan for today changed to:  DO NOTHING.  The best kind of Sunday!

We watched some movies:  Drumline & Avatar  and caught up on dvr’d TV shows:  Criminal Minds, Chopped, Shipping Wars & Grey’s.

When we visited our friends Jay and Stella on Thursday we tried Jay’s favorite snack…Firecrackers.  We both really like them so today I started a batch.  They need to ‘marinate’ for 24 hours so they’ll be ready for testing tomorrow!

Firecrackers marinating

We’re hitting the road tomorrow so a low-key day was perfect!




3 Responses to A Change In Plans Can Be Good!

  1. Jay Coffman

    those Firecrackers sure do look good!

  2. Kelly

    We are ‘patiently’ waiting for them to be ready!! Just in time for our short road trip! Gotta have munchies on the road!

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