The End Of Memory Lane

Posted by on November 17, 2012

Today we finished up exploring Ft. Hood.  We started off by driving by Metroplex Hospital which is just south of post.  24 years ago last month I spent 3 days there when our youngest son, Dan was born!  About 10 years ago we were in Dallas visiting and took a day to drive down here to visit the area.  One of our stops was this hospital as Dan wanted to see where he was born.  Somehow he messed up the electronic front doors and they wouldn’t open or close or something….can’t seem to remember but I’m sure Dan could tell you exactly what happened!

Metroplex Hospital

The doors that Dan ‘broke’!

Our next stop was the 3rd ACR Museum that we had visited yesterday.  Michael wanted to go back and check out the inside (we’d only visited the outside of both museums yesterday).  When we were stationed here this museum was the 2AD museum and we could tell that some of the vehicles were still left from that museum.  He hoped that there might still be some remnants of the 2AD museum might still be around.  Nope…there was absolutely nothing left.

Our good friends, Ken & Cheryl, were stationed here when we were and asked us to run by their old house and take a picture.  You might remember that visited Ken & Cheryl back in September in South Carolina.  They lived in Comanche I on the west side of post and we lived in McNair Village, in the middle of post.  We tried to find their house yesterday but we on the wrong end of the street.  I talked with Cheryl later on and she set me straight so we went back today.

51624-1 Zuni Circle

Clark Elementary School – Ken & Cheryl’s children attended school here.

We took a walk through the PX and it has changed quite a bit from what we remember.  We also stopped at the commissary as it was time to do our weekly grocery shopping.  It didn’t seem that the commissary had changed too much…even the lines were still super long!


When we got home I made a dinner reminiscent of our days at Ft. Hood.  We were surviving on the pay of an E5/Sgt and barely making ends meet so going out to eat at Burger King on payday was a BIG treat!

Tonight’s ‘walking down memory’ lane dinner!


2 Responses to The End Of Memory Lane

  1. Anita-Wayne Cooper

    Great memories. Our dinner would have been hamburger helper and Wayne won’t touch it now!

  2. Kelly

    Oh yeah…we did the hamburger helper thing too! You shoulda seen Michael’s face when I told him what we were having for dinner! LOL

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